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  1. Eventually managed to fix this after weeks of trying. In case it helps anyone else, here is what we did: 1) follow the instructions here for finding the local save file (on the hosts pc). then send it to your friend/the client 2) the client needs to create a new game, load into it, save and quit 3) client needs to put the game save in the save location, then rename it to the same name as the new save file that you just made (then delete the fresh save) 4) client then loads into the save game and quits i wasn't able to join the game when the client was hosting it, so we went back to me being the host and thankfully it's no longer crashing the clients pc anymore/he can connect OK now. it's still dcing him maybe once every hour, which was a problem beforehand, but it's no longer completely unusable like it has been for the past month cheers
  2. i attempted to fix the game by respawning at the starting shelter (losing my inventory). i then relaunched the game and had him join. we hoped that being off Novus might fix it since that's where the desync issue was. the game lasted about 3mins before it kicked him again. we can't find a way to delete his cloud data so the game just seems irreversibly broken without starting a new save.
  3. to add, this is quite a comprehensive list of other issues we found during the past few months: we also encountered 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 (and now 8). they were fixed by him reconnecting to the game though so we didn't mind too much.
  4. Platform: PC through the Xbox game pass. Problem: friend can't connect to game anymore; either he gets "cannot connect to game" when trying to join, or he joins and it kicks him out a few seconds later with no error. Repro: me & 1 friend have been playing this game in multiplayer since the start of the save (i host, he joins). it's been fine for months. the last time we played, we had just powered up a gateway chamber on Novus. we saved & quit. when we next logged in, the gateway was lit up/completed for me but not for him. he had a bunch of problems (random death to nothing, got DCed a bunch of times, couldn't interact with things etc). he tried relogging a few times and i restarted the game a bunch of times, but it reached a point where he couldn't stay in the game for longer than a few seconds before kicking him. we assume its a desync problem due to the gateway being in different states on his pc vs mine. my character is now stuck on a planet with no rocket ship or teleport points (we lost the ship in space due to him DCing when trying to fly to another planet), and my friend's character can't log in, so the game is basically ended for us now. Attempted fixes: he tried removing local data, completely uninstalling & reinstalling the game, we both tried making sure our xbox networking was working (it seems to think it's fine and we ran through troubleshoot guides, and its working ok on other games) let me know if i can provide any more info, or if there's any workarounds we can try to get the save file working for us both again. cheers