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  1. Playing on latest patch for Xbox One. Significant FPS drop in late game. Tried to circumnavigate the barren moon. The further away I got from the base and the more tethers I placed, the worse the lag got. Got to the point where I died for no reason due to extreme FPS drop. Reloading game does not help, nor does traveling to another planet.
  2. Love the game. I play on Xbox One using the controller. Firstly, I'd like to point out that the controller interface is very slow compared to that of the PC. This has always been true for most games; however, with most other games I do not feel as though my HUD is coated in molasses as I try to move it around the screen. Secondly, I receive massive amounts of FPS drop as I approach my base (which is reasonable size now 6+ modules) sometimes on foot and always when in the rover. Sometimes it even lags the game so much that it freezes and crashes due to the drop. Thirdly, it seems as though the smooth function on the terrain tool is glitchy at times. It will randomly switch between moving the terrain flat to raising it 10 feet high to lowing it 15 feet deep, especially if I have recently used the other functions of the terrain tool in that particular section (I.e. lowers where I've lowered and raises where I've raised). Even if I begin with the high area and drag across the section I am trying to smooth, the problem persists. Fourthly, the tethers have a tendency to despair at long distances from the base and usually at the first connection to the base when the game is loaded and reloaded or when the base is a significant distance out of view. I'm very interested to see how this game turns out. Keep up the good work; you have my support!