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  1. I think the vehicle drills are too powerful, way to easy to gobble up the entire landscape. Nerf the drills a bit would make it worthwhile (and fun) to load up an air vehicle with mining gear and head off on a jaunt.
  2. Resource detector / radar. Has a little screen that shows where resources are a few metres beneath your feet.
  3. Maybe have a dedicated Hard Mode option for sentient enemies, game needs a little more threat.
  4. No, not like to the extent of kerbel space programme or anything, but something that requires a bit of skill to get up and away safely. Maybe needs some consequences for running out of fuel or face planting it into the ground. or other flying vehicles that demand a little bit of skill would be good. (not turning it into FSX, but for a space game, not enough space travel)
  5. It's weird that dedicated server needs you to type your WAN IP in, it means your local connection is hair-pinning NAT via the router. Seems odd way to do it. Cant even use a dyn-dns FQDN as a client either even if the server does keep changing the IP address in the config file. Is annoying.
  6. Incorporate other suggestions for Hard Mode PVE i.e more plants, bad weather, rockets that you have to fly (well) Also, when vehicles / base runs out of power, they start running out of oxygen (the oxygenator / vehicle would have a blue bar that decreases until the power comes up).
  7. Something that flies differently in the atmosphere of each planet would be cool.
  8. lol, who else has accidently had an arm feed parts of their base into the shredder ?
  9. A PVE "Hard Mode" would be good, weather is a great way to do that
  10. Yes, and have the compass actually work with the magnetic poles of the planets properly