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  1. I have moused over with the mining tool active on the entire quarts piece. It doesn't seem like there's any way to get rid of it, but it's only mildly annoying.
  2. So far, I have only played on Syliva and Novus in the current update, so I am unaware if this occurs on other planets as well or if it's local to Novus. It does not happen on Sylvia. This, combined with the getting stuck in terrain randomly(I have a separate post for that) makes the game currently way too frustrating to be actually playable. I am playing on the current Automation update on windows 10, keyboard and mouse.
  3. My character keeps getting stuck in even perfectly smooth terrain on Novus. I haven't been on other planets in this update/save file yet, so I'm unaware if it's local to Novus or not. It's incredibly frustrating and feels like my character is experiencing extreme lag but the game is running smoothly, and I'm playing singleplayer. I'm on the current Automation update.
  4. I'm having the exact same issue. Where it almost feels jittery, as your moving you just suddenly stop and have to wiggle around or jump to get free. It only happens on planets aside from Sylvia for me. It's incredibly frustrating.