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  1. ive encountered this bug without having jetpacks. got it fixed by landing and switching around the canisters
  2. agreed. altho i was thinking more about storage. from medium storage to towers and canisters. for instance if a canister is outputting something and gets grabbed? either way don't get me wrong i definitely want t2 arms too! (id prefer if they fixed the bugs with the t1 arms first tho...)
  3. I dont know if youve seen this one but if you havent the whole thing is a nice watch. at around 4:50 theres talk about the new sensors and logic gates that seem to be on the roadmap
  4. Maybe the current auto arm filter could be applied to this?
  5. Noones talking about the possible issues with this? I mean Ofc I want a t2 arm too but... It wouldn't just be able to grab research. It'd grab everything t2. So the filter system would need to be decent. One would also need to consider weather all the t2 research has the same "tag" otherwise filtering wouldn't really work since most t2 look different. Some organic and some mineral not to mention the visual aspect.
  6. Tbh I'm not exactly sure what you mean by gated by lithium? There's multiple ways of continuesly activate the soil centrifuge at the moment? Be it powersensors, storage sensors or quickfire button repeaters... My personal favorite is the small wind turbine and the power sensor. After the button repeaters that is...
  7. Yes. This. So frikkin much...
  8. Think I was being a bit unclear as to what I ment. I was thinking as the item is being consumed in the sender it would be rebuilt in the receiver. Edit: to clarify this process would happen simultaneously. Ie if 2 receivers were present it would just print half of the resource in each. Ofcourse then it ultimately comes down to how the coding is around the defined unit. It's persistence and so on.
  9. to avoid the duplication bug the sender could just consume the item. once the item is consumed it could be rebuilt on the reciever as items in soil centrifuge, terrain tool or such...
  10. I get that. I was experimenting with making a so called Ironman station (inspired by the scene in Avengers where he walks into Stark tower and the machine just undresses him.) The station was placed next to my shuttle and required me to walk up on a platform surrounded by 22 autoarms, each filtered for a specific resource. Was very disappointed when it didn't work ^^
  11. Thanks for taking your time to explain to me! Appreciate it.
  12. As i got this bug i was unable to exit out of the selection menu and had to hard crash the game to be able to log in again
  13. Ive experienced the same thing.quitting out of the game to main menu fixes it but it is really annoying.
  14. Going to any other planet causes the holograms of for instance carbon and teathers to bounce around wildly. this happens on any other planet other than sylva.