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  1. I am also having this same issue. For me, my last was Atrox/Sputnik, but it does the same. The Wanderer shows up in the portal, but not prompt to take a picture. It gave me an achievement for the probe, but not the color palette -_-. I've put maybe 10 more probe scanners in and still nothing.
  2. The simplest test is not working for me actually. I have a medium generator with a button repeater sitting on the ground and the spike attached to the generator. Using the button repeater is not sending a signal and the generator does not turn on or off. However I have two button repeaters in a loop automating my soil centrifuge. So I went back to the centrifuge and detached the repeater loop and then went back to my basic experiment. It then worked correctly. So it seems that the repeater loop disables all other sensors. Maybe they all share a work queue and the repeater loop is maxing out the queue. At least we know the cause. I'm not sure attaching two button repeaters to each other to create a loop was intended, but this was the suggestion in a different guide to automate the soil centrifuge start up.
  3. I am having this issue as well on a nitrado server. I followed some examples from my generator / light bulb would not change state. I don't even see the wires send signals but the tooltip on the sensor is aware of when storage becomes empty or full for example, yet no signal is sent. Button repeaters do send signals for me. But storage, power, and battery sensors have yet to send signals. It really stinks because this is a cool feature and it seems like it was working at some point.