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  1. I hope it's possible to fix the surface corruption. I'll be glad to help in any way I can, of course. Save files, a video meeting, whatever you can use. I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed Astroneer. I can't wait for sequels, new star systems, animals, meeting the aliens, liquid, whatever you come up with it's going to be awesome in the system/engine/universe you've created. I work in a closely related field, so I can appreciate the sweat that's gone into it. It probably means an hourglass on the screen while thousands of triangles get stitched together. You may study it a
  2. Exponents: The radius of the volume removed by single point explosions is approximately 0.35 times the cube root of the number of individual items. Not unrealistic, pretty consistent. If you lay out the items in a line, or in a line of storage units, my chart suggests that done correctly, the distance before it devolves is proportional to the density. So the radius is proportional to the square root of the number of items. This is a huge difference, and allows mad engineers to do stupid things like I did. This is NOT a bug! This is a feature! Don't fix this! Please don't fix this.
  3. Large Explosions will corrupt no matter what you do correctly otherwise. On my machine, described above, I'm pretty safe making explosions at about 5 or 5.5 radius. I'm pretty certain to get surface corruption at radii above six. Your results may vary. Recipes for Explosions: 32 single hydrogen spaced perfectly over 4 tether lengths will give a radius of 2.3 tether lengths. It will mine everything correctly, and you can stand a little more than one button repeater away. Simple, clean, fun, easy, safe. 39 medium storage units filled with hydrogen and spaced evenly along a line 9.5 te
  4. Safe Distance from an explosion. There is a spherical region where dirt and rock is removed, and there is a larger distance out from that where an explosive item will also ignite, starting a new explosion. That ignition distance is either the same or very similar to the distance at which the player is killed. The secondary ignition distance appears to be 1.83 times the radius of the original explosion. If the player dies, anecdotal evidence suggests that even a moderately sized explosion will corrupt the surface. There is a distance beyond which a physical effect doesn't happen unti
  5. Explosions "Devolve" into smaller spheres if you put them too thinly: I have tried a lot of shapes and distributions, but never achieved results any better than putting the items in a straight line, or a slight arc following the surface. How you space them matters, the more evenly separated the better. But you can't just make a line of items arbitrarily long with items spaced 8 to a tether length. The explosion separates into a group of spherical explosions, or as I've been calling it, it "devolves." At 4 items per tether length, it devolves into smaller explosions only 2 tether lengths
  6. The basics of single-point explosions: All explosions in Astroneer are spherical. An item of dynamite, a single cylinder of hydrogen, (or methane,) or a partially empty cylinder of those gases all create the same size hole, about half a tether length in radius. Whee. You can put additional items on your stack, and get the hole a little bigger. It doesn't matter if it's a tight stack of singles, or storage units, the volume of the spherical hole is roughly proportional to the number of units. This is pretty good math, not far from the real world. So if your volume is the same, your rad
  7. SPOILER ALERT! The following posts tell how to make stupidly large explosions. I have to post this, in order for the System Era developers to recreate the bugs. It was INCREDIBLY fun to work this method out, and measure it, and graph it, and then use it safely to sculpt worlds. I really recommend not reading further, but reload a world where you've finished the game and have a big automated production center and churn out some dynamite and a vast amount of hydrogen and learn it yourself.
  8. My biggest explosion ever was very large. A significant fraction of DeSolo is now in a broken surface state. From some places in orbit, a large volume is missing and you can see down into the core. From other places in orbit, those surfaces are still there. One section of the sphere is actually totally gone, a "spherical cap," the part closest to the player, the eastern most section of the sphere. In these pictures, the player is standing on the edge. From above, he's standing on solid blueish ground, "standing_on_bad_surface.png." Directly in front of him is a knife edge of broken surf
  9. I did some work many, many years ago on one of the first ever solid modeling file formats, especially writing the routines that corrected errors in those files, so I have a knowledge of broken surfaces. Astroneer is absolutely amazing at getting it so right so much of the time. (Although the pre-release versions had a tendency for a crucial item to fall through the floor, sigh.) Here are screen shots of a broken surface. The u-shaped green area in the shadow of the shelter is a hole in the surface, we're seeing the interior of the dirt on the far side of that mountain. This happened when
  10. It may not be important which resources are un-mined. Definitely I can confirm in those screenshots that Iron, Sphalerite, and Resin have done it. I've seen Aluminum and Ammonium tend to be mined and present as strange stacks of mined resources that splatter out wildly when touched.
  11. Attached is a picture after a "normal" explosion, of radius 2.5 tether lengths, with the resources nicely sitting in the bottom of the crater. Also attached are pictures of naked unmined resources, from larger explosions. You can see popcoral, medium storage units, and other items hanging in air. However, I was missing a clue about something. I reloaded a previous save file, and drove to a big crater where I distinctly remember lots of decorations, stalactites, and stalagmites hanging in the air, obscuring the view down into the crater. It appears that saving, closing, and reloading a f
  12. Explosions in Astroneer are normally not very big. It is possible, and huge fun, to arrange items to make much bigger radius explosions. Everything seems like good normal game play to me, until they get over about 3 tether-lengths, and it goes horribly wrong above a radius of (about) 6 tether lengths. a) Features like grass, trees, fauna, and those little decorative objects are normally removed in small explosions, and this seems to be the correct behavior. Explosions above about 3 tether length radius sometimes leave some of them in place. Fauna is always left in place in large explosio