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  1. perhaps this would be better for an extra large generator or a tier 3 upgrade of the RTG, I think that the large generator should consume hydrazine.
  2. I saw an idea for a large generator to consume hydrazine, which feels like a more natural progression IMO. Btw, how did you make the model of the hydrazine canister on the medium generator?
  3. well, technically GPS requires a satellite network, and the planets don't have magnetic cores, but yea I agree, it's a bit ridiculous.
  4. How would a tri-modal canister work with the current automation infrastructure?
  5. You need to consider, however, what constitutes an 'unsupported' chunk of terrain, and what would happen to any machines or platforms placed on it when it despawns. If I liberate a planet from the anchors protruding from its core, will it become unsupported and despawn the whole planet? Perhaps, however, a reasonable size could be determined, as a large enough chunk could easily be whittled down into smaller chunks by the terrain tool, but the ease of doing this may vary with mouse sensitivity.
  6. but with sensors operating in pulses, you'd rarely see 2 of them activate at the same time
  7. This sounds rather similar to the "endless gameplay" we saw in the initial release of no man's sky, it would be repetitive and boring to repair machines over and over again, and would make large bases, especially far away outposts, impossible to manage as all of the player's time would be spent repairing machines.
  8. Would a canister in standby supply items to a smelter, or perhaps even another canister?
  9. The "tether drone" could possibly just use a T2 attachment point so you could put a medium storage on it to transport 8 items. How would the drone know which path to take, especially if it's carrying different items?
  10. Getting the timing right for the and gate would be a pain, signals from sensors tend to be single bursts. It would be more practical if they added a "T-flip flop" which flips between the state of not doing anything and sending a perpetual signal each time a signal activates it.
  11. would the resource container provide to machines if they require that resource? The chemistry lab? The smelter? If it loads a resource into the chemistry lab and I change the recipe, will the resource try to go into available storage or back into the resource container? How would automation interface with the resource container, given the third mode?
  12. I would really like to see a carousel, perhaps even a large rather than extra large variant which holds small base parts
  13. The devs are already working on this