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  1. JStocke12

    Resource Movement and Management

    I would really like to see a carousel, perhaps even a large rather than extra large variant which holds small base parts
  2. JStocke12

    Storing Gases

    The devs are already working on this
  3. The devs are already working on gas canisters
  4. JStocke12

    Medium Auto Arm - for Artefacts

    it could be helpful to allow pickup of all T2 items for large printer automation
  5. I saw the original stream, but unless they allow the storage sensor to sense machine inventories, there would be no use for a slower clock than just two button repeaters.
  6. ah, I suppose it does work, but still, it would be nice for automation to be able to directly read machine inventories, and it would be more intuitive if there was a "clock" logistic item so you wouldn't need to make a loop of button repeaters.
  7. JStocke12

    Medium Auto Arm - for Artefacts

    neither large platforms nor research labs are t2, I don't see how it would be a problem if you kept it sufficiently far enough from your base.
  8. Sorry, I phrased that weirdly. Most of the automation isn't perfectly consistent, from the wind turbines not always being powered to a system using a storage sensor needing a restart when it runs out of soil. I was referring to this video, since using the power sensor you'd need a constant supply of power from an RTG, or a battery. I haven't heard of quickfire button repeaters, could you elaborate? wouldn't a clock cause the machine to stop as well as start?
  9. JStocke12

    Gas Tanks

    they've released official concept art for a medium gas tank, but we haven't heard anything about large gas tanks yet.
  10. While this may have broad applications, the primary reason I want this is because soil centrifuge automation feels unnecessarily complicated, and the only way I know of doing it on a single platform is gated behind lithium as it performs its detection using a battery and a power sensor. This would make it far easier to automate soil centrifuges, which would make dedicated production lines far easier. While it may be more economical to use auto extractors, resource deposits tend to be spread out, requiring resource runs or lengthy chains of auto arms. In addition, in the early game, players don't have access to the auto extractor, meaning that the only reliable source of materials like ammonium, graphite, or even organic, excluding exceptionally large deposits may be soil centrifuges. With machines that have multiple inventories, like the soil centrifuge (soil storage and resource output), the sensor could measure different inventories depending on what part of the model they are placed on.
  11. JStocke12

    Mobile Bases

    I'd imagine that the crafting recipe for this would be 2 Compound, 1 Rubber, and 1 Silicone, since both the habitat and the large rover take 2 Compound, but the large rover takes 2 Rubber and the habitat takes 2 Silicone. While the large rover, when assisted by an RTG, can provide many of the same features the habitat can (power, oxygen, saving the game, etc.), the ability to respawn could be very useful. I'd expect with the extra room required for the habitat, it would have about as much (if not slightly more) attachment points than the large rover.
  12. JStocke12

    actual Trains

    Perhaps there could be a machine similar to the paver or drill which could be placed on the back of a rover for track laying?
  13. JStocke12

    Medium Auto Arm - for Artefacts

    yes, that makes more sense.
  14. JStocke12

    Medium Auto Arm - for Artefacts

    why not instead of Aluminum and Graphite the crafting recipe uses Aluminum Alloy and Graphene? Also, Tungsten seems a bit expensive, but it would make sense if there was good precedent. Perhaps it could also share an ingredient with the crane, as reference to its tier 2 attachment point (Steel, Titanium or Silicone).
  15. I've noticed that people want better interaction between the large soil canister and the soil centrifuge, so I thought "why not just make a larger version to take the medium canisters?" Due to the smaller storage size of the medium soil canister in comparison to the medium resource canister, I was thinking it could give a slight boost in efficiency, or even ores in small quantities as by-products to a large batch. While the production of rare ores may inhibit the need to explore other planets, this could be made up for with the addition of a nano carbon alloy to the recipe for the machine, and a medium soil canister is quite a lot of soil for one or two ores. However, that isn't really necessary, as the machine could be implemented with just the medium canisters in mind. Of course, this could be done in machines other than the soil centrifuge, like the smelting furnace, and with the medium gas canister the chemistry lab and atmospheric condenser. Because the tier 3 machines aren't named after their size, it may not sound good to call them the "extra large smelting furnace", rather something more along the lines of "blast furnace". In addition, people have been asking for large auto arms (perhaps called "auto cranes"?) and this would give more purpose for them to be added to the game, other than just automating research of items with tier 2 attachment points. On the Development Roadmap it says that "new base building items and modules" and "new size tier of objects" are being looked into for potential future releases, but these are quite vague, and even if my idea has been brought up before I'd at least like to know how it was received by the development team and the community.