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  1. Steps to reproduce: - make a tractor and somes trailers ( may also need a small solar panel and a small wind turbine putting in the front of the tractor ) - try to drive them to a gateway chamber but not arrived in fact Expected result: - nothing happened Actual result: - My tractor and me fell down to the gateway engine of Sylva which I haven`t activated after my computer started to freeze. My tractor disappeared after I ran randomly for minutes. So that there was myself only in the gateway engine that there is no need Oxygen. I didn`t want to die cause my backpack contai
  2. Hi, I am an astroneer from China and have been played for a year. I felt so pleasure since I found a partner who is willing to play Astroneer with me together. But to be honest, the experiences we have are not good enough because I have to connect with VPN which is not sometimes stable enough to join his host. I just wonder the reason why I couldn`t connect to my friend`s host directly. And sincerely I request that you add more servers for more players all around the world. Thanks a lot for creating, developing and maintaining this wonderful game!