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  1. One more update. Can't edit my posts so spam is in order. Fixed the Auto_Start not working. Astroneer Dedicated Server Script.ps1
  2. I saw your post and another, coupled with my own quarrels too I whipped up a powershell script to make IP automation a bit more of a breeze. I was thinking of getting the tool to keep the IP updated but it involves shutting down the server to update the config which isn't suitable when people want to play. If you're connected to the internet you will have a public IP. You should also be able to configure your home network by way of port forwarding. In this case, port forward, set a static IP for your host machine (not the same as your gaming unit) and away you go. This tool
  3. Hello all you Astroneers, I was looking to configure my own dedicated server but was annoyed at the lack of UI. In light of that, I thought it'd be useful to whip up a quick powershell script to help with this. The script does the following: Starts / Stops the server When the server starts, a background job is executed that periodically checks for the process and reports back in the log file if it's running or not along with time stamp Updates the external IP address Updates the external IP address automatically if $Auto_start is set too $true