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  1. Thank you for such a great game. I have hundreds of hours into it and thought id share a few ideas with you.. As an astroneer that uses a drill rig a first prison mode or moving the camera so i can see in front of the rig better would be a huge help. A way to lock a grade when cutting would be a huge help as well. this would allow for cutting slopes, roads and such in a more controlled manner. Extenders in my mind should be either the same length as tethers or slightly longer due to the resources used. They should also be able to be placed on top of tall platforms without them returning to a storage mode. this would allow for a cleaner and more protective connection as the are currently able to be knocked about at times and disconnected. Would love an option to lock tethers to the ground. Make it a clickable option. Also a colouring system on the tethers would be nice. This would help facilitate routes or use mixed or patterned colours to mark off areas. like a red and black for danger, yellow black for loading zone ect. A means to add floodlights to a larger rover seat. as the drill or other attachment remove the lights.
  2. This is a list of bugs that are vastly effecting gameplay on my cross platform server. Nitrado hosted. 1. Rovers tractors buggy jumping when exiting out than embedding i to ground 2. rovers med and larger getting stuck on nothing or every tiny floating stone 3. chem station making a non selected resource. such as making diamonds then making hydrazine 3. auto arms bugging out and not functioning 4. hydrozaine thruster not seeing the fuel or locking player in orbit. 5. camera going so buggy that driving rovers underground becomes impossible to do safely 6. med storage containers randomly turning from input to output when not around or on planet. 7. players randomly dying on logout. 8. loss of past xbox event items. 9. nor sure if glitch or mechanic but when group works to turn on the portal only one person gets credit making each player activate portal. 10. backpack printer holograms jitter and shake badly. 11. players tools randomly stop working. 12. items fall into world and are lost at random times. 13. camera grabs wrong item while locking onto item wanted. 14. shuttles throw passengers out into space. 15. planets become partly invisible on death or planetary travel. 16. soil centrifuge randomly gives atmospheric condensers menu making unit useless. 17. landing bubbles not appearing where they should. sometimes missing while marker still present. 18. resources disappearing from ground willing to invite dev team onto server to allow them to see the glitches themselves. Any help would be wonderful.