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  1. when i launch the game it seems normal (no audio issues) the main menu music is playing it even stops when i load up my save but when i load up my save the title screen music starts to play over the songs which doesn't sound that great. I have noticed that going into the shop will fix the issue, leading me too believe it may be an issue with calling out what songs to play when you load into the main menu or a save. I have also noticed that when you exit to the main menu after loading a save the main menu music is swapped for the songs you would hear while in the actual game.
  2. It seems that no matter what mode i put the sensor on, or where i place it it just won't send a signal (it will still recognise when one of the conditions is met). This seems to happen both in creative mode and adventure mode across all saves. Please fix this as soon as you can, as this breaks automation.
  3. when i use the smelter and with the extra large shredder together the it seems to exit out of the game when the scrapper finishes. (doesn't even say not responding) I don't really have any other information other than that.
  4. Matty B

    Duplicate... Gateway Engines??

    i have also experienced this issue with the gateway chambers too hope the issue gets fixed!