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  1. the title says it all.... the picture demos it....
  2. i think this would be cheating af, but maybe an implementation in creative only, not survival.....i feel it would completely ruin the survival aesthetic and point.
  3. Name: Heavy Duty Exploration Quadprop Rotor-Rover (The H-DEQRR "H Decker") Design: A whimsically/"sciency" named quadcopter that mocks the plate/puck layout and design of the rover of the same sizes but minus the front plate and front cable and instead have an embedded Astroneer seat/cockpit the shape of the buggy seat minus the bottom connector texture. Have oversized propellors and a slim vertical profile. More details if anyone wants to add to the idea of a quick mobile vehicle with super limited carry capacity (basically enough room for an RTG and a Med Resource Canister on th
  4. May i suggest: Name: Acoustic Chamber Cube Recipe: 2xIron, 1xCompound (Large) Design: A large, equal dimension, cube, that resembles a packager box but has a garage lift gate door that you can place on top of large plates. The interior is lined with the triangles/pyramids that you see in the rocket shuttle payload section. The lift gate being toggleable between the open with handle visible and closed all the way sealed position. Function: When opened the audio track for the machine is completely audible from in front of the open lift gate, but as you walk aroun
  5. Maybe adding a research-able item like: Name: Extraction Surveyor Recipe: 1xCopper 1xIron (Small Printer) Design: Has the legs of the Camera tripod, and then has the green bar gauge from the side of the Auto Extractor as the main body with an Icon above for the resource deposit you are over. Then select the point you want to scan by clicking the top and grabbing a cable like the one from the new sensors and placing it down on the "target" point that you would placed the Auto Extractor. Then have the read out on the tool. And maybe a screen that can tell you the projec
  6. If you look into the developers live streams, they tease a lot of items to come relatively soon. They recently teased a gas canister, and when asked if it could possibly explode they maniacally stated "maybe". (BTW the streams are quite long, but the youtuber Last Midnight posts a highlight reel of the livestreams)
  7. The concept of all the shredders is that it can dispose of an object that is -1 tier or lower than the tier of the shredder size. So that would make it understandable to as why they have it impossible to directly shred anything that is XL tier or above (above would be detritus and winch-only objects like the satellite solar panel). Fret not though there is a method to reduce an object by 2 tiers to make it shreddable. If you make Explosive Powder, you can then research Dynamite next to the Fireworks in the Backpack Printer tier in the Research Menu. You then take the object you want t
  8. Read the 3rd and fourth replies. This could also be a part of my addon ideas for a pipe and hose system for conveying resources around, that you could also use the hose to attach the canister to the soil centrifuge like you attach power cables to port, you just have to print a bundle of hose instead of including it. And i believe that it shouldnt just be included as part of the soil canister because it would lessen the point of the game.
  9. To add to this idea i would state that it would just be nice to just have the blue hologram marking the snapped to location and have it present the capacity gauge before placing as just a feature considering how expensive the auto extractor is in the first place. Also have the 3 little nodes on an auto extractor work as pucks to place something like a Boost Mod for increasing cycle yield.
  10. I think this is a great idea, but in my opinion this feature may not exist for a while due to the fact that the games need very extreme optimizing to get that to work in the current rendering scheme of the terrain. The game was designed well for terrain deformation by using polygons in the manner that it does, but coupling the terrain generation they currently use the water will start to flow into the cave very rapidly and pull your game to a screeching halt with physics simulations. The current most likely reason for the absence is due to the limitations of hardware and optimization of the