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  1. Greetings. There was a problem trying to create a Titanium Alloy. The bug is persistent and easy to reproduce. So. My goal: create 2 Titanium Alloy. I prepare 2 hydrozine + 2 graphite + 2 titanium + 1 nitrogen. I create 2 graphene. Scroll to the right in search of a recipe for Titanium Alloy. When the recipe for Diamond is scrolled, then 2 graphene elements are placed in the Chemistry lab workspace and no longer leave it. It is also impossible to remove them manually. Whatever recipe I choose when I start, the Chemistry lab will create only Diamond. See demo on video. https://youtu.be/c2-OnEj7ky4 Periodically, items disappear from slots terrain tools. They remain in the backpack slots, but disappear in the tool. This rarely happens, and I have not yet found a connection with any events in order to reproduce the error for demonstration. It's a shame when you are deep in the caves, and Drill Mod 3 disappears.
  2. Greetings again. I’m not sure if this is a mistake, but my intuition suggests that the work of the extractor was planned differently. When the green resource level indicator drops to zero, the extractor stops working. But the resources are not really exhausted. I lift the extractor and set it in the same place. The indicator is full again and the extractor pumps resources again. I have not tested how this works in single-user mode, but on a dedicated server that way. I waited two days for the level bar to go down to zero to shoot this video!
  3. Greetings. I found several critical problems that arise only when playing on a dedicated server. In a single player game, and when connected directly to the local session of another player, there are no such problems. I am not good at English, so fewer words, more demonstration. 1. After restarting the dedicated server, previously activated Gateway Chamber become unavailable. It externally glows as activated. https://youtu.be/BW8SoYvlkiI During the shooting of the video, the error was resolved by itself. I am incredibly happy about this, because it will help to shoot a video to demonstrate the next problem. 2. Sudden death. This problem haunts players on a dedicated server everywhere randomly. But it is on the activated Gateway Chamber that it is easiest to repeat the mistake and demonstrate it. Any small mound may prove fatal for the astronaut. So you need to jump more often! 🤣 https://youtu.be/r9zulXgUPGQ 3. Vehicles go under textures when players leave vehicles. And only the tractor behaves relatively adequately. https://youtu.be/FKl9nW7OpNM