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  1. Since yesterday, my resource canisters have not been displaying their contents properly, as seen in the image below: After enabling the output on the canister, waiting for one resource unit to be output and then disabling the output, it once again displays the content correctly, as seen below. This resets every time I load my save. Anyone have an idea how to fix this so that my canisters display their contents again and I don't have to reset each canister every time I load my game?
  2. SkrubbyJohnny

    Graphene stuck in crafting slot of chemistry lab

    I've been having this same problem and I found that using a packager on the Chem Lab will detach the Graphene. If you're willing to expend one graphite, you can get it working again. IMO its worth it seeing as how expensive Graphene can be in terms of hydrazine.