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  1. Version on Windows10. When an auto arm is in the process of removing a resource from a resource canister, and you disable the output just after or as the arm attempt to grab the resource off of the output of the canister, the auto arm can still move that partial resource and place it onto something. Once it has been placed it cannot be picked up. This also leads to having a partial resource amount inside the resource canister. And attempting to completely fill it will result in another partial material being left on the input of the canister. This first occurred in a survival world but I was easily able to recreate this in creative (shown in the screenshot). The screenshot provided shows how I was able to produce several pieces of astronium (left) at different sizes (depending on how soon or late the canister state was changed when the arm attempts to grab the resource). It also shows the partial astronium piece on top of the resource canister (right). The auto arm is also unable to move the partial resources after they have been placed. I did a few other tests and found that when the medium storage containing the partial astronium was placed into a shredder, the astronium did not pop off like a full astronium (or other resource) would, it instead was just deleted (which makes sense I suppose). I apologize for the long report, but I wanted to be thorough. I wouldn't call myself a master at Astroneer, but I am fairly confident this is not intended and hope this report was helpful.