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  1. For me it's even worse. I have a total of 0 fps on a brand new world i made. I can hear my character move and open the backpack etc with no latency, but the image doesn't change. The only to see what changed is if I Alt+Tab and go back on the game. This only happens if the menu doesn't freeze first, where the same thing happens. The game registers where i move my mouse and what i click, but doesn't display it. This never happened to me before, even in older builds when i was on an old laptop. I hope this gets fixed soon, I really wanna check out all the new updates that came out since the last
  2. Playing on windows 7, i have 0 fps upon entering the world if i am lucky to not have the menu screen freeze before that. I can hear my character moving, opening the backpack etc, but the screen stays the same. After pressing Alt+Tab and going back the screen has updated but still frozen. This has never happened before even in the early builds on my old laptop.