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    When you blow up a planet, and the explosion crashes the game, and realize you haven’t saved for the last hour.
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    Multiplayer now unusable

    Odd. I’d post this on bug reports.
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    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    Hello! I’m ProGamah, and I’ve been playing this great game for about a week! Love to see active devs, pretty rare these days!
  4. While in inventory, items don’t connect to each other well, for example, scrap and scrap bundles, or organic and small generators. Only happens in whatever the type of slot is you have 8 of. To replicate: just try to attach scrap to a scrap bundle that’s in your inventory, it will shake wildly and be very hard to attach. No other circumstances required.
  5. Although the update hasn’t come out on PS4 yet, so I haven’t experienced this, it seems pretty annoying.
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    Before you say it has been suggested before, because it has, it’s a different idea. So don’t say it’s a duplicate. Anyway, it would be cool if you could land on asteroids, each one only being available for a specific amount of time and mine asteroid-only materials that could be used to make something cool, like maybe a warp point that you could charge with astronium that would allow access to the , each time reducing the charges, or some useful thing like that. Occasionally, smaller asteroids would fall through the atmosphere (but never on top of man-made things) and would be either from one of the other planets/moons, and would give you some of their materials, a research item/sample, and a chance of one unit of the asteroid-specific material, or would be labeled “unknown” and would have an “unknown” research item/sample (high value), 2-5 astronium, and 1-4 units of the asteroid-specific material. Don’t know what the name of that material would be, but my idea would add more depth to the game (and could maybe hint to the history of the ).