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    Rover getting stuck on nothing

    Okay, so update. These invisible barriers or whatever is stopping the rover seem to be in the same location as this dust? You can tell where they are because there's little cloud floating in the location where it stops you. I dont know if this is the case every time, but it is in the mantle layer of sylva for me. Tried to take pictures, dont know if they're great or not
  2. Information here first Platform: xbox one Single player game Planet: sylva I've been running into a bug, where when driving a large rover underground on a path created by the drill bit on the front of the rover. it gets suddenly and nearly permanently stuck on what seems to be invisible particles and suspended in the air Causes?: Seems to be happen when large terrains obstacles (trees, rocks) have been removed from the path Notes: Has happened twice, both times in the mantle of sylva in caves after having removed certain tree mushroom things and driving back across the same area Have only been down there with the large rover, so it has only happened with that. Happens on completely flat terrain with no visible particles in the air
  3. I have found that it creates diamond no matter what you are trying to create if: There are TWO graphene present on the system with the chemistry station (won't occur with only one) You scroll across the diamond selection in the menu for it. Additional notes: Graphene becomes impossible to pull off the chemistry station once attached Doesnt pull directly from you backpack Current solutions: Never scroll over the diamond selection in the chemistry station menu (go from right to left if you need to get past it) Never have TWO graphene in the system when you scroll across the diamond (put it in your backpack first or something)