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  1. Today, I was just going around in caves like normal people do. Setting up tethers, mining some Laterite, yaknow, the usual. But as I ventured into a random part of the cave, I noticed a giant abyss. When I looked into the abyss, oh boi was I surprised. Intrigued, I made a little ramp down and started to tether my way to this new and mysterious object. I got down there, and started to dig away at my new discovery. As I mostly had dug this out already, I noticed a little yellow dot, a port for maybe power? Curious I attached a little of my power. Sure enough, it took the power, bu
  2. Just enjoying my time, when suddenly a random bug appeared. Not too much of a problem for me at the moment. Just thought the devs should know cuz. Yaknow. Bugs.