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  1. Agreed. Trying to get a production system going to automatically create soil products, tying in a system of moving canisters around and arms just...stop. definatly gets worse as you add arms. Kinda Breaks the entire system
  2. But before going into this, just know you have to have a public facing IP. ( You cant be NATed) This is when your ISP uses a single public IP to service multiple customers via their own private IP space and some Network Address Translation. Your router does this too. You get one IP from the internet, and connect it to many things on a private network via routing. YAY! except if your ISP is al readying doing this. How can you Check if your behind a NAT? 1. Google "whats my IP" 2. Login to your router 2a. open cmd ipconfig /all find the gateway address and paste the IP into a web browser. (google default login credentials for your router brand) 3. Change your Routers Default Password #security 4. go to IP settings, might be advanced internet settings who knowns. 5. Some place in your router, you should see what IP your ISP is handing you. (Not your local network, Defiantly wont begin with 192.X.X.X ) Did they match? No: You are behind a NAT. Your options slimm down. Nitro or things get complicated for now. They might make online but local servers possible soon. Yes: Google Port Forwarding and be sure to forward the port to choose in the engine.ini file mentioned in the guide. It should also be UDP traffic when it asks UDP/TCP INTERNET > Router [Traffic on port X] > TO IP_OF_LOCAL_SERVER
  3. Ah I see. Sorry about the late response. You do have a public (non NATTed) IP address right? Have you done port forwarding on your router? 1. Identify Folder that will hold the astronner server. This will be a path from the root of your drive and this is called c:\. Might look like for your astroserver depeneding on how you want to set this up. C:\users\znopp\Desktop\MyAstroServer 2. Copy the following text into a notepad file called "launch.bat" and save in your server directory. This should create a batch file that windows will process through the cmd interpreter shell thing. Note: This may create a launch.bat.txt file, which is not what you want. https://www.howtogeek.com/205086/beginner-how-to-make-windows-show-file-extensions/ set x_install="C:\myserv" set x_steamuser="mysteamusernmame" #install astronner dedacated server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_update 72840 + quit #The guide does not tell you, but this seems to be a required dependency. #also requires you to login to download (should only need this portion once) steamcmd +login %x_steamuser% +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_update 228980 +quit #run astronner dedicated server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_run 728470 1 -log +quit 3. Update the variables at the top of the file, these represent your server directory, and your steam username. 4. in a Command Prompt, Run steamcmd +login YOUR_STEAM_USER +quit This should prompt you for your steam password and ask you to login via email or whatever to authenticate yourself to steam. steamcmd is a super thin steam client after all. 5. Launch launch.bat
  4. Hatz

    Fix for "hairpin NAT" issue?

    okay, so I did some more research and got this working. Also right at the end i removed a bad port forward from local linux router (woops, wrong window at some point). So its still possible to get this to work behind a NAT via VPS+VPN relay, but wow. too much effort. This is why I am now one of few running without nitrowhatsits right now. I already owned the VPS. Others might not. And this is still a silly configuration.
  5. Also I cant use my Domain name to map to the server. lol.
  6. Others can now connect to my server and use it. I can not. I live behind a NAT, so I cannot port forward. ###This by itself is awefull, users behind NATs cannot use their own infrastructure to host without fairly complicated tactics. So my solution to forward UDP traffic (if TCP I might just use SSH tunneling) to my local box was to set up a VPN on my digital ocean dropplet. I needed one anyway so figured why not. This is were the NAT hairpining thing comes in. Please add support for multiple listen addresses so I can play this game.
  7. Game only runs on windows # Fine I Have proton mutiplayer only runs on windows #fine I have VM dedicated servers only run on windows # UGH! also much be online # ...wat? but only with publicly ip lol # Okay what is going on? Anyone who is behind a NAT is basically forced to use nitro or whatever. How much money does systemera get from basically not allowing private dedicated servers. Really upset I bought the game for a friend and now cant play.
  8. If you run with steamcmd you can run the server as a anonymous user. run in bat file. be sure to edit values of x_install and x_steamuser before saving in notepad as a [anythingyouwant].bat file. You may need to enable file extensions in the view tab for file options in windows explorer. set x_install="C:\myserv" set x_steamuser="mysteamusernmame" #install astronner dedacated server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_update 72840 + quit #The guide does not tell you, but this seems to be a required dependency. #also requires you to login to download (should only need this portion once) steamcmd +login %x_steamuser% +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_update 228980 +quit #run astronner dedicated server steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir %x_install% +app_run 728470 1 -log +quit You will get the advantage of not having issues running client/server at the same time from steam. Close with CTRL+C. Good luck dealing with dealing with publicly rotatable IP address space.
  9. Agreed, This current implementation doesn't make much sense. At least let us assign multiple listen addresses. This also makes it pretty much impossible for anyone behind a NAT to run their own local server. My only internet connection is a USB tethered phone. PS. Still trying to get this VPN/Port Forward thing to work, but forwarding UDP across the internet and back through your phone is usually not recommended.
  10. Hatz

    Fix for "hairpin NAT" issue?

    I run LInux with a windows VM. Both backed by RX580. I cant join dedicated servers on linux client because linux is an afterthought. I cant join my windows client due to hairpin NAT issue I run into thorught the VPN. Ive spent the last 2 nights in wireshark trying to figure this out. My server does show up on the linux client, just immidiatly fails to join. But yeah, the port in the engine.ini file is being forwarded thorgh a VPN Tunnel back to my local windows machine. wireshark shows packet flow both ways at both ends. Im trying to route udp traffic across the internet and back for a local server. not....optimal. Please add Offline Server Support
  11. Hatz

    Fix for "hairpin NAT" issue?

    Agreed, I am three days into a binge trying to get this to work. Litterally stood up a VPN with digitalocean in an attempt to route my windows box through a publicly rout-able ip address. "whats my ip" in google finally returns what i expect, finally able to see server show up on client. Cant connect to host. Login Failed. No logs. come on guys what happened? Offline servers for many is the point of dedicated servers. Been waiting for this for along time and a bit shaken at systemera for not allowing local servers from the start.