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  1. I think this is a persisting Issue unrelated to the new update or being an old world, I've experienced this on older versions and the same type of misalignment happens when travelling between planets in the shuttle with the small solar panel. I am unaware of any potential fixes so I think we're just going to have to wait for it to be fixed in an update.
  2. ASTRONEER 2020-06-28 06-31-56.mp4 So after screwing around with the new update items I've found a way to get a working AND gate by using an arangement of 2 bistable auto arm switches. Since the buttons only give out a pulse of signal each activation, the bistable switch acts as a toggle and has an on (output item) and off (input item) state just like any other toggleable machine. If the auto arms are only given access to one item and filters by that item then the bistable switch will output the item when high and take back the item when low. If two of these switches output items to the same platform with only two slots and using two different items, a storage switch can be used to detect when both items are on the platform by using the full or not full setting. This setup alone with only 2 bistable switches and one storage sensor will send a signal when both switches are high, but will also send a signal when either switch goes low as well (as shown by the far connection to the middle platform in the video). This could be usefull for gates that toggle on/off other machines or items but since the horn is a one-shot activation device I use another bistable switch that outputs a full battery onto an unconnected platform and use a power sensor in power gained mode so a signal is only sent on the rising edge of the AND gate signal. The use of the angled and tall storage is to minimize the numer of platforms needed and to prevent items getting put into the players backback.
  3. The attached video shows the bug pretty well. If there are 3 button repeaters A,B & C, A gets linked to B and B linked to A to form a self-triggering pair P. Whilst P is inactive, C works as expected, but if P is activated then C wont output its signal (if it was actived whilst P is active) until P gets deactived by breaking either AB link. Button Repeater Bug.mp4