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  1. I think apostrophe and semi-colon are hard bind on the lens flare effect, for some weird reason. bug persist on version
  2. the color chose is fine, but if we can chose the icon on the beacon, for exemple by having specific beacons to craft, that could be helpful. please. thanks you.
  3. And if by miracle it can be a bar on the top of the screen with the beacons directions that would be awesome. please. thanks you.
  4. The camera doesn't correcly unzoom after it collide on a wall while the player was moving, this not happen if it collide while player is static. please. thanks you.
  5. Same for the auto extractor. And even when it's full, for now we dont have the possibility to turn it On/Off while it not powered or full. please. thanks you.
  6. The game always run on screen 1, forcing me to switch on windowed mode, drag on the other screen and switch back to windowed full screen mode. please. thanks you
  7. with N setup by player on option screen. please. thanks you