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    Salvage chic

    So the Salvage chic palette was part of a past limited time event that you will not be able to get due to that event being over a couple months ago and does not effect achievements in the game. Using the Exo request platform is only for the current limited time event which ends very soon. Once you hit the Astronium gathering it will just keep going so you can farm and gather the extra items the rocket brings back down. You are doing nothing wrong but if you have completed all other achievements then it might be bugged.
  2. I would think you may need to check and see if there is an update available for your game if the server updated. Though if you tried a full uninstall of Astroneer and install I would think that would of grabbed the updated along at that time as there was a minor bug fix update that went out late last week from what I saw.
  3. It is for sure a bug with being on a dedicated server. Seen this happen lots. There are a workaround to get around it or temporarily fix it. 1. Go back down to the planet currently on by clicking on any of the white sphere locations. 2. Hope out of your rocket and remove all parts put onto the rocket, storage, engine and hydrazine. 3. Package the engine and the rocket then unpack them. 4. For the point of not being able to use your tool, you will have to kill the character and respond. But make sure to unload everything off your back pack just for a safe measure. 5. Once this is all done then put the rocket all back together and try flying out of orbit. If it still does not then logging out and back in is the only other option I have seen.
  4. A. It might have corrupted if you can no longer load into it. B. Might be able to trick the game by creating a new save then rename a copy of this save as the new save name 1. you will have to create the new save and then jump into it to start the game. Save and quite then goto the save file location for the game. Name your copy file of this save you are having issues with to the new save name and overight if it stats any message about that there is a current save with this already. This might do the trick but I don't know fully if it will which is why I would suggest making a copy of your current save before performing this.
  5. Never seen this happen myself but might want to just take it off what ever you set the repeater on and then click the top which should retract the target pin. Might of made an infinite loop so it is going to just keep clicking itself if it is on the same platform your target pin was attached to. If still doing it then I would suggest taking another repeater and this one. Stick the target pin on the ground of one using the create segment then move over a bit to create a second segment on the ground then attach to the other button repeater. Then take that button repeaters target and attach directly to the first repeater. This creates a loop. start the loop by activating one of the button repeaters. Once it is going wait a couple seconds and then stop the loop by removing the target pin directly attached to the other repeater. Hope this can assist in this.
  6. To be clear, what it sounds like is the arm grabbed half of a resource and is not putting it down after disabling output at that point. I have had this happen once myself in a test I was doing. Workaround is to try redirect the resource back to that canister from the arm, so you will have to power off the arm > rotate the arm so its output spot is towards the canister that has the other half of the resource. Power the arm back up and switch the canister between disabled output and enabled output. At least that is how I can remember I fixed it. If the output is just showing half of the resource in the output slot insert another of the same resource in the top of the canister and then switch to enable output and it should try and dispense a full nugget out once it does switch back to disable output and that should fix this issue.
  7. 1. Graphite is not something that can be put on the smelter. Only certain resources go through the smelter to be turned into their smelted form. The Astroneer wiki setup by some amazing volunteers of this game would be a good branch point to look at. https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Astroneer_Wiki. Can even check the in game guide for the resources. I usually have this open from the wiki to help visually https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/File:Resource_Tree.png Though if you have tried other resources then I would suggest packaging and unpacking the smelter to see if this helps at all. If not then it possibly is a bug. May have to try printing a new smelter. 2. Also for other knowledge you can view the Astorneer Academy videos setup by another great Astroneer player. Linked below
  8. I really like this idea myself. Even if they can't make a dedicated vehicle for this idea just the improvements to the crane alone and attaching to a rover would be cool, allowing the rover to be even more versatile. I have only used the crane once just to se what it does. Now it sits in the garage I built on a shelf collecting dust. Really like the modular idea of having different tools attached to switch between. Thumbs up from me.
  9. Just curious was there any confirmation the server updated successfully? That would be one reason I can think of that the server didn't actually properly update and is on an incompatible version compared to the Astroneer on your PC. If multiple people updated their Astroneer games and also started running into this issue connecting to your server then see if there are some logs possibly to tell what might be going on, just a suggestion.
  10. hmm ya that is pain then. Not much control you have over it then. The only other way around this would be to make sure you have your friends added on what ever system you all use to play astroneer, xbox, steam. Then invite to a local save game and just work off of that. Unfortunately that would mean if you didn't want to play at a point of time but they did they would not be able to play in your save if you are not online so they can join the game. Or go the route of renting a dedicated server which I would figure is not what you would want to do. Could put in a request in the suggestion and ideas form to see if they can do anything or see if someone else has already commented with a similar suggestion. That is all I got myself unfortunately as I live in another country, ISPs here do work differently. Sorry I could not help.
  11. Sorry you are having difficulties. Generally I am using the IP of the external side of my router and then use port forwarding for the specific port I designated internally for the Astroneer traffic to my internal IP. eg. external IP on the router is something like My internal ip behind the router is for the server. In the config of the personal server I would put for External IP and set port 8999 as the communication path for the server. Then on my router set a port forward for any traffic coming to on port 8999 gets routed internally to which is my astroneer server. The ip of your router is generally public it just may not be static which should not really mater for a personal server. For reference: https://blog.astroneer.space/p/astroneer-dedicated-server-details/ check out the "Set Your Public IP" section and read those instructions word for word. Hope this helps.
  12. What happens is you start up a new save and then exit the game I am curious if that one suddenly bugs the same way after saving and quitting or exiting to menu?
  13. Ignore above post, Just found a more resent tweet that the automation update should be live on all platforms so possible bug if you just updated.
  14. I believe it could be possibly the update has not be distributed to PS4 yet which may be the result of not being able to play on servers with others, I would think though local games between two PS4 Astroneer players should still work.
  15. There is another post that is very similar to what you are experiencing. I would suggest trying to package and unpack the chemistry station as a possible work around Seems like it is a new bug as it seems like multiple are having this issue at the moment. See other post here