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  1. I'm not a dev or anything but are you sure that's a bug? Thumpr is supposed to produce a ton of resources. Not "endless", but 15x what the terrain tool would get IIRC. And since you put the canister on dispense it doesn't have anywhere to store them.
  2. Steps to reproduce: - put a chemistry lab and two medium storage silos on a large platform b - set the chemistry lab up to print graphene - put two graphites and two hydrazines on the storage silos - *two graphenes are produced automatically* - open the chemistry lab panel and navigate to "titanium alloy" - with no titanium loaded on to the platform, click the button to start producing titanium alloy Expected result: - nothing happens (since titanium has not yet been loaded onto the platform) Actual result: - diamond is automatically produced, wasting the graphenes I'm using the Steam version of Astroneer and using a controller (although I don't think that matters). Let me know if you need more information :) Bug Report.mp4