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  1. Brickfest

    Tether Reel

    I'd like to see this get into game. Though we should keep the original tethers too, even though they have effect on performance, I see them irreplacable in areas where i often go but have no buildings there (veins etc.)
  2. For me the rovers having same oxygen generation as base structures sounds too overpowered. Would be much better if they had limited oxygen supply with option to mount extra / bigger (2-4 slot) oxygen tanks
  3. Brickfest

    Hydrozine too valuable

    It got nerfed in the latest patch, go check it out ;-)
  4. Brickfest

    Precision landing zones

    I often struggle with choosing landing zone when there are multiple vehicle bays at the base. Your spaceship can then easily land on your rover / other spaceship / garage. Right now they are same size as normal LZs around the planet, but my idea was to mark them as one landing zone and show detail when you mouse over them S for example one landing zone with three constructed vehicle bays in the vincinity could look something like this
  5. I was thinking that pretty neat mechanic would be ability to tether two astroneers together so their oxygen tanks would get connected, but it would drain 2 times faster. Idea was that you could rescue your friend if they run out of oxygen far from base when you don't have access to rover yet (well if rovers will keep their infinite oxygen)
  6. Brickfest

    Female Astroneer

    Just quick heads up for those who just jumped into thread. Devs talked talked about this topic on their latest live podcast / let's play on twitch. It's around 59:02... so you guys might like to listen to it if you don't feel like reading through all those four pages of replies we have here In short: They'd like to keep suits ambiguous and let the players decide via customisation if they'd like it to look femine / masculine. Imho it's a good way to satisfy everyone...
  7. Oh, didn't realise that might work...thanks Didn't work, not sure it you can see it on the screenshots but the platform is floating entirely
  8. Brickfest

    Female Astroneer

    I agree on the becoming thinner trend. At some point spacesuits might look like that in the future, however you have to take current game design into consideration. Take look at the concept art / screenshots. Those spacesuits look pretty thick and chunky to me...and well unisex. Putting female in slim fitting futuristic suit would be like a punch to the eye. The spacesuits are posted are intended for space walks, but i liked them because they show both male and female astronaut in one picture. Perhaps take look at The Martian movie crew for better looking / more realistic planetwalk space suits. My argument still stands
  9. Anyone else ran into science boxes being stuck in ground you couldn't remove?
  10. Brickfest

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I saw this bug few times too, but latest patch seems to have fixed it
  11. I like having my base neatly organized, but sometimes struggle with nailing the propper angle. Would be nice addition if the tubes between platforms could gently snap at 90 degrees or be able to extend 2-6 tubes outwards at once in given angle.
  12. Brickfest

    Just a tornado siren for incoming storms?

    Hell yes! Also emergency lights
  13. Brickfest

    Female Astroneer

    Spacesuits are designed to be unisex, suit that is supposed to protect you from enviroment and suffocating is most likely to be designed to be up for its task, not to look femine / masculine. But color customization would be welcomed addition
  14. I kinda like the fact that you have to use compass and simple beacons to keep oriented. Would be nice if you could release a gps satelite into orbit and then have some sort fo map
  15. I sometimes use habitat as hideout during sandstorms. Would be nice detail if the doors closed (well open doors are not really protective are they?), maybe add some flashing emergency red lights inside