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  1. I know, my point being, i almost never build the buggy because, the tractor ends up being so much more useful with its double connection point. The buggy is far less adaptable with its 2 single (the double must be used by a seat. Since i need aluminum for both, and early on research is very slow to get, i have to choose. something thats a "dead end" and won't be able to be used with more stuff later on. or something that's slower but more adaptable. this is why i think the buggy might be better "without" an aluminum requirement. allowing players to make it sooner then use savag
  2. not talking about removing the buggy though, just changing it out so it doesn't require aluminum but instead can be made with just compound and resin. maybe 2 compound and 1 resin, off medium printer, +2 more compound for the seat, and doing that would give you a quick vehicle you could use at the start till you can find aluminum. (which realistically is still super easy to do.) It would make the buggy the "starter" vehicle again. As people would have a use for it in building it to quickly zip around and explore looking for little things. like the small solar, wind an batteries, t
  3. Yep buggy my error. I use the tractor to start over the buggy just because i can't carry anything with the buggy. The "rovers" i tend to use the large one A LOT. Comically i run with medium shreder, single seat, large cap, "powerpack" with 2 wind generators, 2 solar... then rear storage pack... But yeah, i think if they removed the aluminum, and increase it to 2 comp, 1 res... so you can make them right away.
  4. currently, the tractor costs 1000 to research costs 2 aluminum, an requires a small printer to make. The Tractor has a medium slot, allowing it to use 2 small, mount a small storage giving you 8 slots. Plus it has the ability to act as an external power for other vehicles, trailers, or even table/platforms. Since it only requires a small printer, you can drop a small printer, a small generator hook them up and build a rover if you have 2 alum anywhere. The rover costs 1500 to research, costs 1 aluminum + 1 composite, requires a chair that takes 2 comp. And requires a medium p