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  1. When I play, when I search for certain technologies, it very often happens to switch from the basic technology to the most advanced one without avoiding unnecessary spending bytes for the intermediate one. An example for vehicles is the tractor, and trolley, after them I directly unlock the large Rover, skipping the medium rover. Or from a small wind turbine, I go directly to the solar array, skipping all the other power sources (now i play a run without rtg as a challenge). Another example is from Small Shuttle to Large Shuttle. The bad thing is that in this way, the intermediate objects ar
  2. Unfortunately the current auto-arm is rough and rudimentary. The updates you have proposed, it would be a very welcome update for automation lovers!
  3. Many have seen astroneer born from pre alpha. Initially the contents were few and the arrow system was fine. However, there are now more structures and this makes searching for them on a printer tedious and annoying especially in prolonged games . Even now I find myself avoiding to research for structures so as not to crowd the search on printers. I thought updating the UI was your priority several patches ago, right after the automation, but apparently I was wrong. Maybe this has been included in this year's road map and are you hiding it to surprise us? hahaha I hope so. And you other
  4. I can say that despite the time we have waited, I think the developers have organized themselves well to get updates with more content this year than the previous year. This patch will bring not only missions (very useful for newbies or players who have no experience regarding sandboxes) also high-level solar, turbines, and i hope batteries, but the most anticipated update will be that of trains and railways. Thanks System Era, Good Work! Ps: pls, fixing the auto extractor we wouldn't mind, and while you're at it increases the range and depth of action. It's a paradox to get automation
  5. Currently the only way to obtain soil is to dig with the soil tool or with the drill through a vehicle or crane. However, there is no way to automate this task. I know that in the past, the developers when they introduced autoextractor, it also had the function of digging, but that has been removed due to the extreme delay this caused. An autoextractor for Soil would be interesting however if this is not possible, the alternative would be a kind of capacitor to generate soil from a large amount of power. This would open up further avenues for the world of automation. But I'm just saying bull
  6. When I talk about medium size items, I mean when they are taken by hand
  7. What I am proposing is not a content, rather a graphic update. Personally it is bad to see the character "use force" to catch objects and keep them in flight, especially when you take large objects (Large Shuttle), ExtraLarge Platform C, Autoextractor etc .... You could give the astroneer a gravity gun, which will aim and will use to pick up and lift objects. You may also need a steady amount of energy to do this, giving you one more reason to pick up medium-sized items. And you players, what do you think about the "force" and telekinetic powers that your astroneer uses to take objects? XD
  8. Currently on pc, holding down the shift key and clicking on a resource, it goes directly to the backpack, allowing you to withdraw resources very quickly, and this is a great work. However, it is not possible to do the opposite, making it a waste of time and frustrating to unload one or more resources from the backpack. Adding the latter functionality, it's up to you, Era System to decide how, could bring about life improvements. It will certainly be something that players enjoy. Ps: when making updates, make sure that each one has at least one actual game content. Good Job System Era!
  9. A simple mod that stores the height and angle of the terrain tool. To be used to create even the TrueFlat. Used in combo with the alignment mod, , stores the radius between the center of the planet and the pointing point. facilitating the construction of long roads. This mod is not essential but leads to life improvements. It allows you not to hold down the ctrl key to pave and align everything from one point to another. The current problem with the real pot is that sooner or later you will take an almost imperceptible angle that over long distances will not match the starting point, mes
  10. The title says it all, use paver on a crane, in order to get trueflat. Maybe with an on / off lock option to memorize the paving height so as not to damage the floor by accidentally aiming the paver slightly higher or lower areas of the ground to be paved.
  11. excellent idea of using cranes coupled with paver to pave the trueflat, I will post a topic about this!
  12. Autoarm was a vital addition to those that just the basics of automation. An interesting idea would be an Autoarm tier 2 capable of taking and moving medium sized items such as medium storage, medium batteries, medium solar panels, rtg etc ... It would also be interesting a Unpacking Platform that is capable of unpacking objects positioned on it, perhaps through storage sensors. What is it supposed to do? To expand the whole world of automation, and players will be able to experiment with such novelties. An example is to create Medium Battery Silos, without having to unpack and place the bat
  13. Several players after searching for anything start accumulating bytes that are no longer needed. A simple solution would be to add Upgrades to most objects and structures from the research panel itself.Here are some examples of updates: -Canisters more capacious -Auto-extractor more Fastes -The various generators, turbines, solar and rtg produce more power -Faster melting furnaces, centrifuges and laboratories -Larger batteries - Terrain mod more powerful, - Autoarms more fastes. - Thrusters allow for more trips while consuming less fuel etc. Maybe to make it more interesting
  14. I remember the first version of the game where the platforms and printers we have today were introduced. In that version there was also the old printer which was removed because it overlapped with the others. You could bring it back and to be able to build all objects from the backpack with repeat button. Players will be able to pick up items manually or through an AutoArm, and pave the way for further automation. Ps: I think a lot of gamers hate having to build lots of small turbines, or small battery manually to put them in a storage silo, and these are examples. Thanks.
  15. The main use hopefully of the trains will be to transport resources from self-extractors to the base. It will be interesting how they integrate the stop system and the autopilot of the locomotives. I think we may see Train Sensors, and Resource Location Sensors (for extractors) in the future. Really a lot of stuff.
  16. It would be interesting to apply this system also to extenders and rail pylons you are working on. System Era Development, you are doing a great job!
  17. I don't know why, every time I see the head of the Soil Centrifuge I think there should be a slot at the top where you can insert the Medium Canister, in order to take the soil directly from there without using Small Canister passages, and thus saving space in the platforms. Today I also came up with an idea to add flexible pipes so that I can connect more tanks and Soil Centrifuges to each other. All this could also be applied to gases, liquids and why not since we also have resources in canisters. This could turn out to be a very interesting project from the caliber of automation.
  18. The inclusion (can be activated and deactivated perhaps by holding down T for a few seconds?) of the self tether positioning function while walking will lead to a more peaceful game by removing a common frustration. Let's admit who of you has ever placed a tether too far away and are forced to pick it up, go back and reposition it? XD
  19. The crane is an interesting multiplayer tool to play with friends. However, it is quite uncomfortable to play alone. Give the crane the functionality of a seat and the ability to drive rovers right from there. It makes sense because in any case due to the bulky space of it, it could be worth it. At present, the reason to creating the crane is more for fun than real utility. Thanks