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  1. Dig mod: - Tunnel down mode: Facing the ground at your feet, Digging will be locked at a certain angle in a straight line, which gradually curves downwards until it reaches the core - Tunnel up mode: Facing the ground in front of you, Digging will be locked at a certain angle in a straight line, which gradually curves downwards until it reaches the surface - Flat mode: similar to the flat of the alignment mod, this creates a ramp maintaining the slope according to the distance from the core. While with the alignment mods if used for the length of the circumference of the planet, will w
  2. Adding other types of mods for the terrain tool, I think most players would like it. In the last 100 hours of gameplay I have enjoyed the alignment mod a lot, for its ability to create a flat (curved) and pillars perpendicular to the ground. In particular, I also like this last function because it keeps the direction of the tool locked, giving the possibility to create perfectly vertical columns. It would be nice to have other similar tools to create horizontal or top-down pillars, even a slow mod would be appreciated for working surfaces with greater precision. I am not an artist, however thi
  3. Astroneer has made great strides since pre-alpha, however it is still not possible to create symmetrical bases or align structures with each other due to the lack of a structure alignment system. Minecraft and factorio, due to their game design, have an alignment grid system for placing structures. However, even on satisfactory, the developers have included a nice system to align the structures with each other. On astronee we are at the mercy of chance, you position the structure and if it is okay you leave it otherwise repeat the process until you feel satisfied. For lovers of order and perfe
  4. As much as I may be sorry, this will unfortunately never happen R.I.P. System Era
  5. You are neither the first nor will you be the last to recommend this idea. As far as I understand the producers will not have any intention of adding this feature or at least they never mentioned it any so far. This is truly a shame.
  6. What you say is true, the rtg has been nerfed because everything else has been enhanced and all require more power. This makes RTG transition and grind slower. The first RTGs are used to stabilize the energy of the base, and better support Auto Arms and Autoextractor. I tell you that if there were Large and XL Batteries, this transition would be even slower and I think it wouldn't mind.
  7. RTGs are very expensive power generation systems and perfectly repay their costs, thanks to the constant and inexhaustible production of energy. However this makes soon all other energy generation systems obsolete and I don't know if this is wanted or not by the developers. I thought RTG might overheat under these conditions: - if the demand for energy exceeds that which the power line (to which the RTG is connected) can satisfy, then the RTG starts to overheat and after several minutes it stops working or even explodes! So the player who uses RTG must be careful not to use the power line
  8. +1 At some point in the game I use resource canisters to move resources rather as storage system, precisely because of the problems mentioned
  9. Currently extenders are the only fast way to move energy from point A to point B. However i sense that something is missing to keep electrical cables suspended in the air in an orderly fashion, it can be done with extenders but aesthetically it's ugly. As the title suggests, it would be nice to have Poles and pylons to transport energy from short to long distance, so many players will be able to test new base configurations and more. And you players, what do you think of the extenders and any poles and pylons? Thanks System Era!
  10. Hi Players and Developers, the new patch has been fantastic, and the thing that really impressed me was the reworking of the power costs of the various structures. However, analyzing the costs of the new generators, I noticed that beyond their aesthetic beauty, they are not very convenient. Get comfortable because we are going to analyze them one by one, Let's go: - Small Wind Turbine (cost 1 ceramic) 1,5 U/s On this I could create an entire degree thesis, I'll try to be as concise as possible. Honestly I'm not happy with this at all, I made a post about it. The amount of power produce
  11. I congratulate the developers on this new patch. The compass update was a great idea even though in reality with the old one you had 2 reference points north and south which could easily lead you to the base through a line of lighthouses. Now you can't get lost anymore, and I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing. The solution that comes to mind is that maybe to keep the compass activated it should cost 2 U / s from the backpack? This could create that anxiety of getting lost if you don't have the right equipment (2 Qrtg, 1 Qrtg and 1 battery, 1 small generator, 1 energy cell of which you c
  12. A very simple way to make small turbines less affordable, without having to rework the production and energy costs of the various structures, would be to replace their ceramic cost with an aluminum cost! In this way, it worthwhile to develop further research and print new power generation modules!
  13. Hi gamers and developers, this patch has been really interesting, compass, missions and more systems to generate power. The thing that surprised me the most was the reworking of the energy costs of the various modules and the production of the old systems. However, I disagree on increasing the energy production of small solar panels and small turbines. In my opinion they had to remain unchanged (0.5u / s), and leaving a low energy cost to primary structures such as melting furnaces, and increase the cost of the various modules as has been done! Why should small and solar wind turbines be low
  14. Good idea. What you suggested is complementary to the post I wrote about processing Recipes in printers. Giving priority to the recipes with which the spampanti have the resources available would make everything more fluid and comfortable without wasting time! Great! We would appreciate this kind of update as soon as possible!
  15. Some time ago I proposed such a thing, and already it would be useful to be able to download the resources from the collection of the terrain tool to vehicles. An inverse function would also be interesting
  16. "hold F only to unlock" Unlocking alone would be fine, for the reasons you mentioned!
  17. Since the ability to manually lock / unlock platforms was added, I noticed that during the game, it often happens that I accidentally unlock platforms, by accidentally pressing f, when maybe I want to use modules or printers. But the big problem is when I accidentally take the platform just because it was accidentally unlocked, which is really annoying and frustrating. Keeping the F key pressed for a second, to lock / unlock the platform, would be the most obvious and simple solution to implement. And you players, have you encountered this problem or is it just me, the poor wretch who runs i
  18. Already, several players have proposed greenhouses, to plant seeds and plants, in order to obtain research and organic. It could also be an interesting way to produce oxygen for the base, by specially modifying the oxygenation system, making it a necessary resource to produce for survival.
  19. A simple teleportation module would suffice, where the resource can be inserted inside (as on research chambers) and after a while the resource is teleported / transferred to another chosen output module. Larger modules guarantee the teleportation of more resources perhaps inside a medium storage / silo. All this at the cost of a constant flow of energy. It is a very simple system and i think not even difficult to program.
  20. Very interesting ideas, including fluid / soil / gas pipes that I have already proposed in the past. Unfortunately, the game has many priorities to fix / add, such as managing ambient temperatures, weather, solar radiation or radioactive resources. Other priorities are the next medium / long distance transportation system that the developers want to introduce with trains. Then also the automatic transport of resources between planets would be needed. But currently an update of the current printer UI should be the top priority after the next patch: it's absurd to have to go through dozens of p
  21. I mean Research Sample, and not simple. Unfortunately I messed with the translator °-°' eheheh
  22. When I travel with Rover, very often it happens that I have to get out of it to be able to scan research samples that I find around. While it may initially be fun, in the long run it becomes unnerving. Maybe a Device capable of Auto-scanning the research simples around (a few meters away) could be an excellent solution, perhaps requiring constant power to work. This device may be turned on or off to avoid searching for more important Samples, this allows you to stay inside the vehicle, but scan everything you come across with Rover, and making the gameplay smoother and more rewarding. And
  23. It's nice to go around the map to get scrap from the debris you find lying around. This is generally done with a Rover with Shredder on. However, it is really boring to wait for debris that needs to be shredded in order to insert more. A debris container could be the solution! Through this module, players can collect debris and insert it into it, up to a certain amount or produce very fast and low-energy Debris Bundles. A grab on the crane could be useful for taking debris and pouring it onto the Conteiner directly from the rover without the need to get off it. You could also try to dri
  24. When using drill and paver on rovers, the only options just sign in or turn off both. However there are times when you would like to deactivate paver, and others when you would like to harvest vegetation without digging soil (as an inhibitor). A leveling block mode (which does not go up and down) for the paver could also be interesting for building smooth floors. Adding digging options , perhaps using the selection wheel, as you are doing with compass, would give players more control when using these tools. Great System Era, can't wait for the next update! PS: We also want Large