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  1. Last night, while I was thinking about astroneer and his old versions of the game (the ones with still tubes instead of cables to internderci), I came up with the idea of conveyor tubes. Operation is simple, hoses must be connected to a power source to function. They can be positioned as extenders, and depending on the length increases the operating cost. The beginning and the end of the tube delineate the entry and exit, and can be lengthening just like extenders, and be unidirectional or bidirectional. They have a T1 slot or a T2 slot in order to put any storage. Operation: When a resou
  2. I remembered to also mention the auto-extractors that freeze and do not extract all the resources around, and makes it necessary to take them and reposition them in the same place to get them started again. It also continues to suck energy despite being autostopped Here's what I mean by half-done automation. thx system era ;(
  3. Expand automation, don't leave it halfway. Give the possibility to create all the objects of the backpack from the printers, perhaps with a new basic printer. It is really a pity not to be able to build turbines, solar panels, small batteries, and other objects automatically. The fact that some of the backpack items can be built by a small printer seems like a momentary patch, forgotten and not updated. Also add other types of sensors perhaps as detect the start and finish boot of modules. The cables should also be updated, I have already mentioned this in another post, but we really feel the
  4. Yeah, Large and XL batteries, Uranium for Large and XL Generators feeded by it Then maybe in the future you can add radiation, solar radation, cold, heat and more dangers, but for now we are satisfied with little.
  5. I recently made heavy use of extenders, and was particularly disappointed with how they work, and I had to replace most of them with batteries or bi-directional cables. I knew the functionality of the energy priority, which is that it does not send energy until a surplus is created at the source. This feature is fine and has been very useful to me in the past and still today. However I have found that if you create multiple outputs using unidirectional cables (ex: extender) they will send a maximum of energy equal to the ratio between the initial source and the number of outputs. This makes
  6. Done, however, is extremely awkward to build, boring and frustrating, not to mention the very questionable final result, and this thing I am very sorry for because I love automation and this game, with incredible potential. Please Ses, don't throw this game down the toilet, give 100% of yourself, I know you can do it!
  7. Dig mod: - Tunnel down mode: Facing the ground at your feet, Digging will be locked at a certain angle in a straight line, which gradually curves downwards until it reaches the core - Tunnel up mode: Facing the ground in front of you, Digging will be locked at a certain angle in a straight line, which gradually curves downwards until it reaches the surface - Flat mode: similar to the flat of the alignment mod, this creates a ramp maintaining the slope according to the distance from the core. While with the alignment mods if used for the length of the circumference of the planet, will w
  8. Adding other types of mods for the terrain tool, I think most players would like it. In the last 100 hours of gameplay I have enjoyed the alignment mod a lot, for its ability to create a flat (curved) and pillars perpendicular to the ground. In particular, I also like this last function because it keeps the direction of the tool locked, giving the possibility to create perfectly vertical columns. It would be nice to have other similar tools to create horizontal or top-down pillars, even a slow mod would be appreciated for working surfaces with greater precision. I am not an artist, however thi
  9. Astroneer has made great strides since pre-alpha, however it is still not possible to create symmetrical bases or align structures with each other due to the lack of a structure alignment system. Minecraft and factorio, due to their game design, have an alignment grid system for placing structures. However, even on satisfactory, the developers have included a nice system to align the structures with each other. On astronee we are at the mercy of chance, you position the structure and if it is okay you leave it otherwise repeat the process until you feel satisfied. For lovers of order and perfe
  10. As much as I may be sorry, this will unfortunately never happen R.I.P. System Era
  11. You are neither the first nor will you be the last to recommend this idea. As far as I understand the producers will not have any intention of adding this feature or at least they never mentioned it any so far. This is truly a shame.
  12. What you say is true, the rtg has been nerfed because everything else has been enhanced and all require more power. This makes RTG transition and grind slower. The first RTGs are used to stabilize the energy of the base, and better support Auto Arms and Autoextractor. I tell you that if there were Large and XL Batteries, this transition would be even slower and I think it wouldn't mind.
  13. RTGs are very expensive power generation systems and perfectly repay their costs, thanks to the constant and inexhaustible production of energy. However this makes soon all other energy generation systems obsolete and I don't know if this is wanted or not by the developers. I thought RTG might overheat under these conditions: - if the demand for energy exceeds that which the power line (to which the RTG is connected) can satisfy, then the RTG starts to overheat and after several minutes it stops working or even explodes! So the player who uses RTG must be careful not to use the power line
  14. +1 At some point in the game I use resource canisters to move resources rather as storage system, precisely because of the problems mentioned