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  1. I want to tell you a story. They are purely creative aesthetic items. It is said that they were used by developers to test gravity and the physics of the game. Despite this, the players appreciated them and started collecting them. So the developers decided to leave them in the game. End of the story
  2. I understand, storages and silos cannot be inserted, however medium canisters do. As I told you you can use these to send 32 resources at a time, so I did. Plus this is an automation-based event for automation lovers. Doing this without automation would be a very time-consuming and laborious task. Yesterday I used 6 auto-extractors stacked on top of each other to extract copper. Thanks to this through, transformations, I made aluminum and alloy from aluminum and I completed this mission that I started the day before yesterday. I repeat this is an event based on automation, those who have no intention or desire to use it would do better to let it go. If you like and you are on a pc, I can help you very happy, add me as a steam friend 161642524 (my steam code)
  3. Patience, ingenuity and more patience. Use the tools you have at your disposal: You can upload resources into the canister in order to send them 32 at a time. Use Self-Extractors to collect lots of resources. If a resource is scarce, look to other planets. Ultimately go to calidor and extract all the wolframite and malachite you find. You can automate the conversion and exchange of these assets with others. Use creativity to use sensors. Finally it creates an automated system for the nanocarbon alloy. If you like, you can take a cue from the guide I wrote, it could help you. The only thing I'm not happy with is that you can't automate the rocket launch of the exo platform. This thing makes me mad.
  4. Great idea, also autoextractor, once positioned, should show the number of extractable nuggets available from that auto-extractor positioned at that point. Visually speaking as it was done with thrusters and shuttles, regarding the number of launches in the latest patch.
  5. It's amazing what you can do with the terrain tool, and thanks to the level block it is possible to do in survival what was previously impossible. The terrain tool still has a lot of potential and room for improvement, but that's not what I want to talk about. Having the ability to print floors, walls and ceilings, airtight doors, would be nice so players could create covered bases. I understand that maybe there is a bit of design difficulty with regards to positioning of such structures, however I think the solution can be found. This is all interesting, however it could be very inconvenient with the current system of construction and placement of buildings. And here comes a big update, namely adding a Building Tool. I leave it to the developers to develop this new tool with a very high potential. Thanks System Era Ps: give the opportunity to us poor players to research even at a crazy cost of bytes and build chips and qrtg at a crazy cost of materials. Limited resources are not suitable for an automation game, and for many it is not fun, especially on servers, where only the first players will have access while the last ones will be stuck to medium technology
  6. Last night, while I was thinking about astroneer and his old versions of the game (the ones with still tubes instead of cables to internderci), I came up with the idea of conveyor tubes. Operation is simple, hoses must be connected to a power source to function. They can be positioned as extenders, and depending on the length increases the operating cost. The beginning and the end of the tube delineate the entry and exit, and can be lengthening just like extenders, and be unidirectional or bidirectional. They have a T1 slot or a T2 slot in order to put any storage. Operation: When a resource is placed (also via auto-arm), it is slowly transferred to the outlet side (speed like a melting furnace to be clear), and eventually this speed slows down according to the length of the pipe, and in the case of energy deficits. The nuggets of resources will be transported one by one from Point A to Point B Pipes do not replace auto-arms because in order to move resources from a pipe outlet to a platform, you will need an autoarm. Connecting a tube to a platform serves only to supply them with energy and oxygen. The pipes will be a means of transporting resources for the medium distance, (remember that the longer they are, the more time the transfer of resources takes) over long distances future trains will be much more effective ^^. I already imagine pipes of resources starting from the self-extractors up to the base. In this way two fundamental things are obtained: energy and oxygen for self-extractors, and transfer of resources from the latter to the base. This idea could be a great alternative to conveyor belts that may require extensive calculations and efforts on the part of the game to work. Such tubes on the other hand are very suited to astroneers, and feels very unique, and I really think this game made a distinct leap in quality on par with the automation patch. And you gamers and devs, do you like the idea of resource tube design, could gaming and automation benefit from that or am I just dreaming? Thanks System Era
  7. I remembered to also mention the auto-extractors that freeze and do not extract all the resources around, and makes it necessary to take them and reposition them in the same place to get them started again. It also continues to suck energy despite being autostopped Here's what I mean by half-done automation. thx system era ;(
  8. Expand automation, don't leave it halfway. Give the possibility to create all the objects of the backpack from the printers, perhaps with a new basic printer. It is really a pity not to be able to build turbines, solar panels, small batteries, and other objects automatically. The fact that some of the backpack items can be built by a small printer seems like a momentary patch, forgotten and not updated. Also add other types of sensors perhaps as detect the start and finish boot of modules. The cables should also be updated, I have already mentioned this in another post, but we really feel the need for new cables, bidirectional, maybe fixed power regulators etc ... As already mentioned in the past, a self-positioning mode of the tethers / extenders would be very much appreciated. Self-collection of extensor tethers is also something to improve life. Where are the life improvements? Make the game enjoyable and pleasant. Reduce frustrations (ex: hell again! I placed the extender / tether too far, what a drag!) Or the unlock platform button, but have you ever accidentally unlocked it and then found the platform in your hand with all the cables disconnected and the damnation that goes up especially if you had it perfectly aligned? But this is an obvious thing, I knew it would happen even before the patch was released to hook the platforms manually. I don't understand, but i think that 5 minutes of programming are really enough to set the key hold to unlock it! I think that these types of updates require little work compared to the final result and the degree of satisfaction of the players. I may be wrong, however many players find current automation and some features of the game clunky and frustrating. In the past I held firm, advised very much, but I have not seen improvements in the areas mentioned, which is why I have recently become very critical. Sorry for the outburst, but I'm really speaking from the heart, because I really care about this little-big game! Maybe some will say, half automation? better than nothing. But I say that the details that make the difference between a good game and a masterpiece.
  9. Yeah, Large and XL batteries, Uranium for Large and XL Generators feeded by it Then maybe in the future you can add radiation, solar radation, cold, heat and more dangers, but for now we are satisfied with little.
  10. I recently made heavy use of extenders, and was particularly disappointed with how they work, and I had to replace most of them with batteries or bi-directional cables. I knew the functionality of the energy priority, which is that it does not send energy until a surplus is created at the source. This feature is fine and has been very useful to me in the past and still today. However I have found that if you create multiple outputs using unidirectional cables (ex: extender) they will send a maximum of energy equal to the ratio between the initial source and the number of outputs. This makes their use very limiting. Let's assume I produce 30 U / s and connect three outputs with extenders to it, each one of them can carry a maximum of 10 U / s. This is sometimes good but other times a real pain in the ass. I am not saying to modify the extender and its functioning, however it creates other types of extenders with different and adjustable functionalities. I'd also like to see an adjustable separator at X and not at%, or a bilateral extenders, I did a similar thing with batteries, really awkward to place, etc ..... You give players the ability to experiment with new configurations by adding new power manipulation items. Furthermore, using the C or V keys to position the extenders is not enough, they are still very uncomfortable to place and remove, find a way to improve the life for us players.The game has to be enjoyable and not frustrating, which doesn't mean easy. And you gamers, did you know this feature of extenders, and unidirectional cables? And what do you think about it? Ps: will there be a printers UI update on for the selection of buildings / items soon?
  11. Done, however, is extremely awkward to build, boring and frustrating, not to mention the very questionable final result, and this thing I am very sorry for because I love automation and this game, with incredible potential. Please Ses, don't throw this game down the toilet, give 100% of yourself, I know you can do it!
  12. Dig mod: - Tunnel down mode: Facing the ground at your feet, Digging will be locked at a certain angle in a straight line, which gradually curves downwards until it reaches the core - Tunnel up mode: Facing the ground in front of you, Digging will be locked at a certain angle in a straight line, which gradually curves downwards until it reaches the surface - Flat mode: similar to the flat of the alignment mod, this creates a ramp maintaining the slope according to the distance from the core. While with the alignment mods if used for the length of the circumference of the planet, will wrap back around to the starting point, creating a circle, the dig mod, starting from the surface, digs a ramp that slowly curves down to take you to the core, and viceversa.
  13. Adding other types of mods for the terrain tool, I think most players would like it. In the last 100 hours of gameplay I have enjoyed the alignment mod a lot, for its ability to create a flat (curved) and pillars perpendicular to the ground. In particular, I also like this last function because it keeps the direction of the tool locked, giving the possibility to create perfectly vertical columns. It would be nice to have other similar tools to create horizontal or top-down pillars, even a slow mod would be appreciated for working surfaces with greater precision. I am not an artist, however this tools will be valuable both for creative players, but also for those who would like to build something interesting, such as long columns for the transport of electricity through extenders. Let us remember that these orizontal columns can be very useful in the future for Trains and rails. And you gamers, would you like to have more terrain tool mods to play with them? Thanks System Era