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  1. YES! Astroneer needs this. We can have a status lamp that can tell us if our hydrazine factory is working we can have and gates and much more. Also conveyor belts are wayy easier to make sphagetti out of than auto arms. We can have a electronics fatory(a advanced smoll printer) to make all these. Its gonna be epic.
  2. So you want it to look something like this: or this?
  3. 1. Add a auto rocket which you can schedule routes for and it will follow them, maybe you can add a special module that it can land on, and then unload contents, there will be threee tiers: the first one has the cargo size of a small shuttle and needs a 2 pin module to land (the landing module will have a double slot instead of a quad slot seen on things like a smelter) the next one will have the cargo size of a medium shuttle and require a four pin modulle and the last one will have the cargo size of a large shuttle and require a 8 pin connection(a extra large shredder one). these auto rocke
  4. Why didnt you remove the old 4 pin desing on 4 pin machines? >>>><<<<talking about these two.(chemlab and furnace)Also I made a half resin from that glitched large resource canister.
  5. Update 2: To remove the lag cause by the null scrap dig a hole under it , then quickly patch it up with soil so that the null scrap ends up in the ground and flass through to the nearest cave. Depending on the amount and lag you should also try to find the spot where it landed and reapeat. Some null scrap will remain after each burial. Thats good because we want to scatter small amounts of it on a few cave layers so that you can play lag free on any cave layer. After you did all this dont dig under the null scrap - it will cause a lot of noise and a little lag.
  6. Update: I found out that you can quickly save and quit and when you rejoin it will stop(the shredder may need to be placed on the ground), the "null" scrap(I think it should be scrap) will remain probably forever. After I rejoined I could shred the extra large canister normally on a extra large platform type C. Still tho, dont do this on your main save that wasnt backed up in a while.
  7. THIS SIMPLE ACTION WILL CAUSE THE SHREDDER TO SPAWN EMPTY SLOTS ! DO NOT DO THIS ITS LIKE A FORK BOMB BUT WORSE! THIS GLITCH CANT BE STOPPED BY TAKING THE SHREDDER OFF THE PLATFORM! I ALMOST LOST MY MAIN SAVE(God bless the duplicate feature and backups. ) IF YOU ARE GONNA DO THIS BACK UP YOUR GAME OR MAKE A NEW CREATIVE ONE AND REPLICATE IT THERE! Yes I do need to shout its really import for you to be aware of this almost game breaking bug. Its also wh you back up your saves and personal files.