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  1. Solved the issue, no thanks to SystemEra and this forum... The problem appeared to be connecting to https://5ea1.playfabapi.com:443. I am using Windows Server to run the dedicated server and it had "IE hardened mode" enabled, which prevented downloading the information from untructed sites. So adding the site to trusted zone allowed the dedicated server to run properly!
  2. I've had a self-hosted dedicated server running for about 3 months now. Updated to 1.15.55 from Steam, restarted the host and now the server is listed as "offline". Reinstalling the game does not help, double-checked the firewall and network settings, no luck.
  3. Did not work, unfortunately. It seems ok, the ports are open, according to resource monitor, but I still cannot connect and it shows as "offline" in client.
  4. Updated to 1.15.51 from Steam, restarted the host and now the server is listed as "offline". Reinstalling the game does not help, double-checked the firewall and network settings, no luck.
  5. Upd: seems like this happens when you place Auto extractor on the platform while it is "on". Problem is, it does not show the "on/off" menu item when the ore is fully mined or when attached storage is full. Anyway, the energy drain should be fixed!
  6. As stated, if I place Auto extractor on a large rover with 2 RTGs, the rover starts to deplete its battery in motion as if Auto extractor was using all the energy from the RTGs, which makes such config useless. I either have to package the Auto extractor or drive a little, remove it from the rover, let it charge and drive a little more.
  7. Also just yesterday caught a nasty glitch: while moving through a mountain on Sylva using large rover with Drill 3 and Paver, I suddenly got disconnected from the server. After reconnecting back again the game took about twice the time to load and eventually spawned me inside the mountain, just above the tunnel. After that it started pushing the character up, until it went above the ground and actually ended up rather high in the air. Somewhat luckily I was able to land on a slope, but still died due to lack of oxygen. The worst thing is that the rover disappered! I could not find it in the tunnel and on the surface, no idea where it ended up! Regarding similar cases, some improvement ideas: If the character ends the session in a shelter or a vehicle (exits the server), it is better to try and spawn it inside/on the vehicle if possible. Shelters are usually quite stable :) It seems that spawning objects and characters often does not take terrain modifications into account, this should be fixed. A good example of issue: if I place a buggy on a patch made using terrain tool, it often loads up with wheels stuck underground, as if it was initially placed on the "native" terrain and only after that manual modification were loaded.
  8. Several different issues while playing on self-hosted dedicated server so far: Terrain tool becomes unusable. You can open it in inventory, but you cannot enable and use it ('E' key not working). Usually happens after 2-3 flights from planet to planet, can be solved by reconnecting to server, but also, rarely, happens right after connection. Getting stuck on orbit after launching from planet. Menu to launch to another planet does not appear, only landing points on the planet clickable. Can be solved by landing and launching again (pretty bad if you use solid fuel thruster though!). Right after connecting to server some objects may load as 'invisible'. You try to walk over base or put some resource, and suddenly some item pops into existence on the spot. Exiting vehicles before full stop causes them to sometimes jump forward pretty fast instead of stopping. On rare occasions some production buildings become unusable for player (often others still can still use them normally), the use menu shows inactive buttons or does not allow to select from lists. No real reproduction steps though, seems pretty random. Soil centrifuge once or twice got stuck on outputting resources. Looked like the resource transfer animation did not finish and the item was not put on the storage, but was also already not selectable on the centrifuge itself. After several attempts of putting storage back on platform and removing it, the stuck resource suddenly became transferred. When performing planet-to-planet flight you sometimes appear to 'float' in space and after few seconds the ship catches on and you resume the flight. [just annoying] When landing on a planet it looks like first you land on just landscape, then objects are loaded and then landing animation is suddenly played again, often getting cut back to landed state. [just annoying] Printer sound often continues playing even after the object creation is over. [just annoying] Visual glitch on backpack building menu: when opening inventory holograms often look 'glitchy' like under strong wind. Toggling back and forth returns them back to normal. [just annoying] Chemical laboratory output tray animations seem detached from produced resource position. Looks like the tray position at the beginning of production is used, you end up with the produced resource culling through closed doors or not moving forward from inside when ready. [just annoying] Output to storage animations look choppy, especially noticeable on Soil centrifuge when outputting to something like Medium storage. [just annoying]
  9. +1 for this. On self-hosted dedicated server this happens from time to time, usually at about 2-3 travel.