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  1. What seems to be dropping my fps is structures and rendering I have been hearing tethers and buildings cause lower fps obviously THEY DO but I believe rendering is the issue . So I walked around the entire planet pretty much and it doesn't remove non-viewable items even if not in render distance causing low fps which is not fixed when restarted or render distance changed. My fps got lower and lower as i explored more. I explored the map with tethers. So I can understand why people might think tethers are causing this. I noticed that structures and animated wind turbines and al
  2. For some reason lately whenever i have been using tethers for a decent period of time and a tank in my inventory when the tank runs out it turns into "tethers" even though its clearly the tank icon and model when you drop it. It becomes useless It does not give you infinite tethers which I thought maybe was possible at first http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=822132835
  3. Obviously I know this is in early access and i fully support this game. Here are some fixes I think would improve the game. - Being able to move structures you have already placed - Change up the fuel condenser mechanics you can just get free compound - Multiplayer Dedicated Servers - Driving system if your camera gets turned around and you press w you go backwards and d goes left etc. - Delete save game. I know you currently can delete game saves in your files but it makes it much easier for less techy people and should be a quick fix - Some sort of indicator you
  4. This game is absolutely amazing but there is one small problem. Multiplayer dedicated servers. I want to play with randoms and with my friends. Co-Op People always lag out or the host has bad internet or the hosts game crashes which happens a lot with this game. the ping is shit and only 4 players we need dedicated servers.