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  1. SirShayne

    Stability issues

    After playing today it appears this was fixed in the patch today, solid but the vehicle’s are still really buggy, especially the buggy it gets stuck in the ground a ton
  2. SirShayne

    Stability issues

    Been playing this game for about 3-4 days now on the ps4, me and my friends have been enjoying it but there are some issues where the game is almost completely unplayable after like 10-15 minutes it just starts lagging very bad. I have to leave and join every 10-15 just to play normally. This really only happens to us when there are more than 2 people playing but I’m not sure if its a game issue or connection issue. Secondly there is an issue where the vehicles get stuck into the ground and its very irritating, the seats don’t work very well when I press triangle it takes about 5-6 tries just to sit down and start driving.