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  1. I got to the point where I could drive around in a truck, I had 5 research nodes up and enough batteries, solar power and wind power to always have enough power for the research. The road to get to this point was very interesting and I thought the new research system made it slightly more entertaining. However. I had nice research items set up with plenty of data and things were rolling. I had about 10 more research seeds ready in the truck. Now, to make my next items (shuttle) I had to wait about 30mins, then switch new research items, wait again. So when I got hungry, I figured 'hey why not
  2. I love that, it's still very low tech. Bit like the signs in RPG's showing you where towns are.
  3. No, I couldn't interact with it (the golden pluto thing) at all. However, I found another cool thing (attached image): It hums loudly, like an electricity plant, or something, but I couldn't interact with it. On the other side, it looks like a diagonally cut pipe.
  4. Found it! Added in 115 maybe And here's another cool thing I found
  5. I love this idea of having to build stuff to be able to find rare stuff! Except one thing though: I think maps would make it all too easy. I like how low-tech it is now. Maybe something closer to a metal detector, flares or a hunting-hound, the surveyor thing that WoW has for the archeology profession...
  6. TBH with a game this good I have full faith that the Astroneer team knows best. Also, we have all seen what happened to WoW once blizzard started taking requests. Anyway this forum is here, I wanted to share my thoughts. In general, after you have seen all the possible treasures, crafted all the machines and vehicles, seen all the planets and basically exhausted all of the games content, what's left, currently, is to go minecraft. Build huge bases, floating platforms, highways, tunnels. I'm looking really forward to this, but the *performance and stability* need to increase a lot for this
  7. These were all on terran unless stated. patch When hooking up a train of rovers (in this case 3 with cabins on the ends and 1 big solar panel and 1 big windvane on the outer cars), performance gets .5 second hickups every 3 seconds I felt a clear performance drop from around 60 to 20 when at the same time I saw either the tundra planet very close, or a quarter slice of terran itself maybe (known bug) When you put a thether in the backpack by clicking on the dude, it dissapears Vehicals cannot drive on the moon (barren) bcs low grav.. Maybe intentional. But truck j