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  1. Update. Because the bottom of the shuttle is just about sticking down in to a cave, I can drop in to it. I then managed to get a tether high enough up on the wall that its tethered from the shuttle so I now have oxygen. My problem now is that the terrain tool is basic and cant drill out any of the plentiful resources around me or tunnel up to the surface because the material around me is too hard.
  2. my issue now is trying to spawn in my medium shuttle instead of the large one, is there a way to do this?
  3. Well holy crap. It appears that i died while I came out to reply to this and must have died nearer to my large shuttle than my medium one I came on for the recovery mission because ive respawned in the large shuttle and I'm not too far from where I was digging because I can see my tethers and my medium shuttle . The dig continues.
  4. Cheers. Yeah, no sign of the marker. But tbh , this isnt the first similar incident. On my very first trip in to space, I clicked a landing site on calidor I think it was, and the shuttle landed inside a mountain. That time I stuck with trying to dig it out straight away in between dying and managed to dig to a point where my tether attached and guided me. Thats the only reason im digging now, otherwise i would probably have assumed it glitched and disappeared, which might still be possible. if i was 100% i was digging in the right mountain rather than the right range i might be closer. Anyway, im in day 2 of the dig now
  5. There is. I play with my son a fair bit and have played once or twice with a friend. Both of them are on the Xbox
  6. Oh, and on my recovery mission when I was walking my medium shuttle to the area I hoped to find my large one, I got shot at by the plant that does that and my 3 canisters of hydrazene on the thruster were blown up, so Im stranded again
  7. Anyone any suggestions for finding a shuttle that glitched itself in to a mountain ? I traveled to Atrox in a large shuttle with some high enough value stuff on board (RTG, oxygenator and a medium storage of items iirc) . This was my 2nd trip. On the first one I'd set up an atmospheric condensor and piled some items to collect on the next trip . It was only when I was looking for a landing spot that I realised I never left a beacon. So I chanced a spot I thought it might be and tried to walk the shuttle in the right direction. Somehow I managed to lose my Hydrazene canisters off the thruster and then as I was going over a mountain managed to drop the shuttle in to the mountain (glitched in) and I died of suffocation. I respawned in it and got the elastic effect when I tried to get out where I hung down on the tether then was shot out the top of the mountain. this gave me the air in the backpack only so after a few deaths while trying to locate the shuttle with frantic digging I respawned back at my base on Sylva. So I mounted a rescue mission and found the beacon showing my backpack when I died after falling off the side of the mountain . So I've a good idea im in the right 2 or 3 mountains and have spent hours trying to find it without luck. Im assuming its a case of give up or just keep digging and theres no way to locate it? Cheers.