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  1. same problem, at the point where the only point of the game i can play is up until I need to get into a vehicle, shelter or save. And even then it crashes before save is complete. Rendering my time in the save useless. I feel your pain
  2. The problem im having, and I completely agree with your idea! That would be awesome. System era seem to add content instead of fixing the crashing and lag. If they straightened that up then did our idea that would be the neatest you know?
  3. Since Pandemic Started, I've managed to pour a lot of time and sweat into my Astroneer Save, this is beyond a year from release bare in mine. I've managed to Base up all planets and moons, capture all vintage probes and now finished 4 planets; unlocking all the gateways. My files just above 20 mb and I can't even get into my save. And if I do it goes to below 10fps. I have 2 achievements left. You can imagine the taste this has left
  4. well, I just thought it'd be a nice touch to have a map like rubbish Minecraft. What not a better way to introduce it by having to build a satellite and launch one on each planet to get it up and running
  5. A decent idea, if possible. Create a Build and Launch Satellite System to create a easily accessible map which constantly. Almost like other adventure games but better;) Craig
  6. Recent Crashing on a 16mb Save Game. Every time entering vehicle or shelter, before saving game shuts itself down. Sometimes can't even get into the game at all. This is what follows after a few minutes of poor fps. The top of my head itd be around 10 to 15 fps Playing on xbox one x Had no issues until this