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  1. AnatolHasis

    Small Quality of Life thing

    For Small Soil Canister in particular, it would be great if it directly swap both canister from the medium canister and the soil centrifuger without puting them on the platform. It get messy every time. However, the new canister will solve that problem.
  2. AnatolHasis

    Tools shall be cheeper

    All the one zinc items are extremly usefull and necessary for game-play personalization. However I see most player completly skiping it wile progression wich I think is very sad. All thos tool cost 1000 bite wich is riduculous on Atrox but still some time on Sylva or Desolo where you strat and get the zinc. So from Sylva to Atrox, most player keep thos 1000 (x6!) bites for base and veicle building and just skip a very nice part of the gameplay. I think augmentation shall cost like 250 bite each, the cost of the oven. 1500 for them all, the cost of the first shuttle. A more drastic way to push every player to see every tool would be to make the shuttle a reward for buying them all, at 250 each, it's the same price and it might be a fun progression on sylva.
  3. The crane is actualy great for multiplayer. But as solo player I think that your idea would give a way better interaction with the veicle.
  4. I don't think that tools work on the crane yet but i use it with the normallvl 3 drill and it's prety much the same as drill + wide mode. The only little issue it has is that you rarely can dig à full deposit without some complicate veicle repositioning.
  5. It would make the crane almost useless but the idea is way too good. I guess that the new storage item will work on veicle and do most of wat you mentionned. PLZ craft it out of one Silicon.
  6. AnatolHasis

    Build/Launch A Satellite For Map?

    What thos satellite would be use for ?
  7. AnatolHasis

    Build/Launch A Satellite For Map?

    Like you go gather materials on planet to expend your satellit ? sound nice
  8. AnatolHasis

    Fixing platform in ground

    So I was doing some storage in my base with the extra large platform B and it goes like this. Then I find out that you can easily fill the hole it make by puting ground on the top of the platform first, like this. So if you put ground in any platform without mooving the ground on the feet of the platform that fix it completly. (not prevented to be grab by the player by the way.) I submit that here because I think it's an actual good mechanic that could be greatly exploited. Here a few ideas about how: Platform feet could be adjustable so you can easily place the patform where you want to fix it. Then you can take the useless feet off. Some platform could have an extention to be more easily fixed in ground like a door with a small border meant to go in a wall. So is that mechanic intended ? What do you think about it, good or bad ? Are we going to exploit it ? Thx for reading
  9. It's a time limited event. They probably get over generus (and a bit lazy ?). They wont fix it or change it. It wil just stop in few days.
  10. AnatolHasis

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    The cube that is the tool shall simply be on top of the cursor when the actual tool is equipped. We definitely need more possible orientation for that cube.
  11. AnatolHasis

    Colors need names

    there is too many slightly different colors. It woul be very usefull to have at least name for them. A tool that let you have every color you gatered at once would be awsome. I allready said in an other post that printable pattern would be great too.
  12. AnatolHasis

    Make things SNAP!

    Would a new platform that only snap thing together do the job for you ?
  13. A surface that let you walk on wall. One that make you bounce. One that make your vehicle faster. Also for décoration ! A glass like surface to make window, A glowing surface and many more. Just a tool that let you print pattern (like the rocky pattern) would be great for decoration. The tool that print all of that could consume resources to tell wich effect or pettern it print. Thx for reading
  14. An Asteroid belt as a location you can go with your rocket in the solar system. Every time you go to that belt it générate an unique asteroid for the player to explore and mine. It would provide endless resource to harvest and a nice place for special event. I would like that the asteroid get deleted when you die or leave it so it's both more difficult/punitive and unique. It also solve the question of how to leave if you waste all your stuff. Maybe you get 4-5 size of asteroid to choose as dificulty level when you go around the belt. Some mission could be funny like collect every scraps or mine the whole rock befor it crash on your planet. Thx for reading.