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  1. On PS4 here, if I don't use the buggy every time I play it gradually sinks into the ground and I have to dig it out.
  2. Getting lost is part of the Astroneer experience, I hope they never change it. Some navigation tools would be cool, but nothing as tell-all as an overhead map or grid system or anything like that.
  3. I had the same issue. I had found one of the probes without using the scanner first, and for some reason that kept me from getting the achievement because I also didn't get the trophy for that specific planet. I went back to that probe and put a second probe scanner on it and everything unlocked. Check the individual planet trophies and see if you are missing just one of the probes, then try putting a probe scanner in that probe again.
  4. I built a base on one of these on Desolo, super cool.
  5. I thought something similar. I would love a satellite that can set a marker on the ground at a location I choose from orbit, then I have something in my vehicle or suit that points me to that marker. Some sort of cartography/navigation update pass would be neat.
  6. Make a perpetual motion machine that starts with raw resources, automates them to build something, automate to scrap said somethings, automate trade platform to get more raw resources...
  7. Occasionally when I enter a vehicle, any vehicle, the game crashes to the blue error screen. Maybe it has to do with the autosave when you enter a vehicle? It's not a consistent crash, nor can I reproduce it on purpose.
  8. Same bug here, always says I have rewards waiting to claim since the other night when I finished playing. I was using the rocket on Glacio, packed it up when I was done and came back to Sylva, and now the rocket always says I have rewards waiting.
  9. I have found all of the probes from the Wanderer update, verified again last night by traveling to every planet and using the probe scanner and having it not find anything, yet I do not have the trophy for finding all the probes, nor did the Wanderer appear when I probe scanned the last probe, nor did the Wanderer suit unlock for me. I have activated all the planet cores and the satellite and watched the "end" of the game, yet my Sylva suit/palette and Atrox suit/palette still remain locked. I've read past bug reports on this type of topic, so to respond to the "solutions" from those reports I can say that I am always playing online and have restarted the game many times and still none of these missing trophies or rewards show up.
  10. Having the exact same issue on PS4 here, too. I have the trophies for everything, but many suits (e.g. Sylva and Atrox) remain "locked" still. Been this way for weeks of playing, would love to see a fix...