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  1. yes u right but i know discord also, they do the same, just people talking bout his game
  2. there are many failures in the difficulty curve, be it in farming, requirements, etc.
  3. even if i went to minecraft i would be happy. there is too much lack of content and ambition and no response from the development team.
  4. Is there no one from the development team here? thousands of posts but not a single answer.
  5. good point. in fact this game have a lot of posibilities
  6. hello boy, dont worry, u can make anotherone. in fact, it is very easy to lose things, or even get lost, we don't have coordinates or anything.
  7. yep.. it's a disaster, and wait to see the asphalt machine ... you want to die
  8. Someone has taken off in his rocket, landed at his destination and took off again without carrying out his mission? Could you add the keep letter function to have to take off?
  9. really thanks ! yes u right ,normally i add some small things but maybe they are so small to make some diference.
  10. i think is the problem is my mouse... sorry !!!!
  11. every time I have to use the 2 (R )button to move the camera, there are problems, it seems that it does not detect that I press the button, I have to do it 2 times. Even when I'm rotating to move the camera, I release and press to rotate in another direction, it doesn't rotate. As if I didn't click. i want to die. however when I use the controller there is no problem, but the cursor moves at snail speed retired
  12. It is really easy to get lost, especially when you go underground. I have been able to spend more than 1 hour hanging around. The funniest thing is when you look at your base and see that it is positioned to the north. okay then you go out to explore, you get lost and you think, I will go north. Ok, it never comes.