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  1. Same issue. Waiting for fix. Until then game restart sometimes helps and reset timer.
  2. Check this out: For me it was enough to disable medium soil canisters output. I also figured out that pre-"automation bugdate" canisters have 16 capacity instead 24.
  3. Ich stimme Ihnen vollkommen zu!
  4. Someone found a workaround Game is unplayable on XBox One after Automation Update
  5. Save size = 14 MB I tried windows update (1809), gpu update, uninstall steam game, delete all files, reinstall. None of these helps. I do not like it. Starting new game helps. But, what the point?
  6. Same here. Unplayable. From stable 60 fps to 10-15. RTX 2070.
  7. Can you use this game option ? Windows backups my game save files every hour to prevent such problems.
  8. Same here. Sometimes it happens, but not all the time.
  9. I tried to describe my vision of hotkeying terrain tool mods. And that's what I've got: The main reason for new hotkeys is sculpting. Hotkey for ingibitor mod is nice to have, but when I build, I woud like to focus on design, not on fighting with controls. That's whrere good hotkeys are essential. In creative mode you change tool behavior in R menu, where you can change the brush size and deformation speed. But it's not perfect. I do not want to press R, then moving mouse, thinking about desirable setting value. It's easy to imagine how to change brush size without even knowing about it's numerical representation or which mod you need for it. Just scroll the mouse wheel with some keyboard modifier (or analog stick). Deformation speed has obvious feedback and if you missed desired level then adjust it again. That is more easier, than entering menu... trying value... nope... entering again... nope... again... Or even swapping mods, when inventory is full of soil canisters. Hotkeying synergies with "true flat". I need an ability to adjust not only brush plane (Flatten Mode), but also brush angle, using some reference in the world. For me it would be perfect if I can copy/paste angle and relative position to align different parts of my project. Voxel grid can be this kind of standard. It would be great to have ability to make the grid visible with hotkey; automatically align the brush with the grid under different angles (45°, 54.7°, etc). Astroneer can and definetely will beat minecraft in terms of creativity right after an intuitive and responsive UI brings the creativity in survival mode.
  10. This free stuff restocked every time you reloading the game. I do not think it was intended.
  11. MHW solved this problem with equipment loadouts (set-and-forget). No need to unload backpack items one by one. It's enough to drop all items and restock predefined loadout from nearbuy storages. All with single button.
  12. Good idea. It can be more convenient than new Leveling Block and this solves soil economy problem in survival mode.
  13. This is important thought. Like shuttles it would be great to have more exosuit types with different number of auxiliary slots. So you can swap storages from exosuit one by one.
  14. I think automation should be "tactile" in this game. E.g. if you want automate insert some T1 items in automation slots, or upgrade building with T1 building mods to process more than one operation at a time. The main reason I play this game is "tactile" inventory management. Straightforward automation will kill this core game feature.
  15. Very nice idea! Maybe storage silos mods (like terrain tools ones)? mod for sorting mod for packing silo with items (like shuttle) - good for performance
  16. It's ok if we have an item sorter. But while sorting is manual a hotkey for backpack unloading is essential for me.
  17. Async autosave without game freezing woud be great.
  18. It would be great to drop items from backpack into storage under the mouse cursor with single key press.
  19. Great idea for the late game stage. Agree.