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  1. You don't need my permission to use Google Docs, lol. Took the screenshot from here:
  2. Couple things: first, the OP is talking about copper and aluminum, not the ores. The discussion is about the refined product, not what we'd see in the world. Both of these are real ores containing copper: Both of these would be awesome to see in the game-world, as I think they're much more interesting than the drab yellow color of "malachite" in the game. I'd personally prefer to see cuprite as the copper ore, because it's gorgeous. But again, we're talking about once the ore is refined into copper. Once it's refined, it should look like actual copper: And yeah, copper
  3. Thanks for taking a look. Anything stand out to either of you that you'd like to see implemented differently? Anything you don't like?
  4. Fair point. Maybe just the "frame" then? Sorry Frigidman for the horrible mockup.
  5. I'm usually partial to dark themes, but I actually would really like the white if it were slightly transparent like the footer is currently (the contact info bar), but perhaps a touch more opaque: