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  1. Take a look at my suggestion for Inventory Management Item Sorter. It basically does exactly this and is getting some attention. If it gets enough attention perhaps they will implement the idea.
  2. As it stands the gateways seem kind of worthless to myself and the group I play with. By the time you can unlock most of them you already have a high end large rover which allows you to move around the planet with ease and also collect lots of items while doing so. When I went to get the gateways all opened up. I had a large rover with 2 medium canisters, a paver, and a rank 3 drill attachment. I also had 8 RTG's on it as well. By the time I was finished unlocking them I had roads that looped the planet which made travel a lot faster with the rover as well which further support
  3. Not sure honestly. I'd say make it more of a mid to end game item. Probably 5,000 - 10,000 bytes to learn. Not entirely sure on the crafting costs. Since you'd end up wanting several of them at least then the crafting shouldn't be crazy high. Maybe Titanium alloy with some plastic.
  4. Terrain tool upgrades honestly seem more like a punishment. They take up very valuable inventory locations that you've gotten used to using since the beginning. It would be nice if all the drill mods and terrain modifying mods like terrain analyzer and alignment tool all had a special location when you click on your backpack and then either press E or click on your terrain tool. It would be nice if there were icons next to that where if you owned a tool upgrade they were listed there and you could just turn them on or off without taking up inventory locations. It is really annoying having
  5. Here's another idea. Why not use the scrap bundle system for mass storage of items. You could combine 5 or 10 of the same item into a bundle of that item in the field so you can stay out harvesting longer. Then have a structure in the base that can break down those bundles into their original items.
  6. First off I'd just like to say amazing job on this wonderful game. I just started playing it 3 days ago and was introduced by a friend and this game is simply amazing. While I do agree that there is a lot of room for growth in the game. I think the foundation is really well thought out, and I am eagerly awaiting what comes next! That being said. I have an idea for hopefully a simple fix to the common issue of item sorting and also a neat jab at the automation concept. Here goes: Item Sorter. Item is a small device similar to a small solar, small wind turbine o