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  1. You're not alone, i made a post about this. It has broken my co-op game. its unplayable since my friend on xbox tried digging it out with out knowing
  2. There were no problems until an update was forced on his xbox from version 1.11.61 to version 1.11.62 (approx 2.25GB in size). I updated my game so he could join and play. My friend found a crash site at night time. Didn't know anything was wrong with it. He started mining the dirt out to get inside and crashed and broke our whole game. Intense lag, my character can only walk very slowly now. I can still host and play on my PC but he cannot join on his Xbox. As you can see from the photos. Something has gone very wrong with gereation of the structures and multiple have ben genereated ontop of each other. Pictures were taken while i was trying to salavage his rover and gear, i found a second debris pile while getting his gear. Quite literally, this game save is unplayable. Many days of work will be gone if this can't be fixed