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  1. Astroneers's idea/suggestion forum is having more and more ideas and sadly a lot of them are duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates of ideas that have already been suggested. It seems people do not search/read the forum before posting a new idea. I suggest You hire/appoint some kind of moderator quickly before you get buried in countless clones of one and single idea.
  2. Elfusan


    Was about to tell the same idea. It struck me when playing Terraria a few minutes ago. Meteorites strike the planet surface from time to time - it's a rare event. But once they do, they spawn very rare materials (obtainable only from meteorites), as well as spawn unique enemies. Of course, meteorites begin appearing only after certain boss is defeated, so it might be an idea of 'progression' in Astroneers.
  3. Elfusan

    A flat, solid indicator for the terraformer

    +1 I really love the idea. I further suggest that the non-fold indicator would only flatten itself only when ctrl is pressed.
  4. Elfusan


    Here's a topic where someone suggests modular space rockets.
  5. Elfusan

    Making Trees better

    Nice idea. For now you can drag them around with winch module
  6. Elfusan


    Is okay ^^ Since we know the have it planned, we can wait patiently
  7. Elfusan

    Idea for new planet type: "Construct"

    Doesn't the barren moon have slightly lower gravity now?
  8. Elfusan


    I'm torn with this idea. I like what You suggested, that habitat could be a sort of home, but with 'Tardis'-like mechanics it'd lean the game towards fantasy/japan mmorpg, rather than what it is now. Althou, it might be a splendid idea to have an upgradable habitat, so that we can have what You suggest here - a room with slots for plants/modules.
  9. Elfusan

    Crafting & Connecting Nodes

    Oh, yes! +1 for hand deployable platforms. We could have them crafted in backpack (or printer) and then just put them wherever we want ^^ With terrain flattening, of course.
  10. Elfusan

    Research Improvement Ideas

    +1 I agree with every solution above. Research does feel like gambling rather than controlled process. The 'research progress' is a fine idea. It could significantly slow down research progress, while making the rewards more... rewarding I really LOVE the idea of lore and research logs. Sort of like No Man's Sky idea of collecting data of local flora and fauna. Now I'm not suggesting to make the same idea but you know... hint hint. *cough* randomlygeneratedplants *cough*. Back to research... How about utilizing refinery a bit more then? Instead of research material giving materials, why not put them into refinery so that they can be refined into specific materials, instead of research platform? That would, of course mean having two of the same kind of seeds to refine into one stack of mineral. With overall research being slightly complicated than it is now, it'd mean having the research platform expanded a bit. Possibly making it have no free slots for storage, but instead use all of them so that the research node becomes a bigger structure, with middle being the input slot; research log display being on left, lore/previous research display being on right. Both of these being a craftable modules, perhaps, so that we can take the information with us (for... future reference, puzzles, etc maybe?)
  11. Elfusan


    Oceans and bodies of water would open up a huge world of opportunities. +1 for oceans.
  12. Elfusan

    Seat Belts

  13. Elfusan

    space rockets

    This is a great idea! This would enable us to have highly customizable space-faring vessels. Such rockets would require a specific launch pads (the ever-requested landing pads, for example). The question is, would such rockets be able to re-enter the atmosphere and land back on their platform? I vote yes.
  14. Elfusan

    Idea for new planet type: "Construct"

    +1. A sort of borg planet. (Star Trek reference*)
  15. Elfusan

    Crafting & Connecting Nodes

    I don't like the idea of fixed plugs. Right now I'm having fun of making my base the way I like it, and that includes free rotation of plugs. I support the idea of plug snaping to a certain angle, and I DEFINITELY SUPPORT the idea of connecting two plugs within range, but fixed plugs? nu-uh. Also... You can have up to 6 plugs coming out of platform.