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  1. I figured out how to boot it! I checked my Nvidia control panel and for some reason it was running 1080 p at 59 hertz when I have a 144 hertz monitor. I changed the setting to 1080 p at 144 hertz and it worked fine after that!
  2. For some reason whenever I open my game the game is just a grey screen. I cannot do anything about it. I hear the System Era start up chime and that is on a black screen. Then grey screen appears and it gets stuck on that. When I open the game the Astroneer photo thing is there, but then its just black after with the start up chime. I downloaded it on the Microsoft store and I have it on my Xbox One. With Xbox play anywhere the progress is synced with my pc and Xbox One Astroneer. I just cannot play on my pc because of this. I really like this game so please fix this issue or tell me how to fix it manually! I downloaded it off the Microsoft store so its harder to get into the folders, or at least I had trouble with it. Please fix! I really want to play on my old world! System Specs- Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, 8 gigabytes of ddr3 ram, 5400 rpm hard drive, Intel i-5 4690 @3.5 ghz, Windows 10