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  1. I suggested they add gyro support like Days Gone. It’s much faster and more precise than the analog stick. I’m down if they allow a sensitivity increase on the stick as well though. If they add gyro, then you can still move the camera with the stick while also moving the cursor with the gyro.
  2. UnlimitedTigers

    Gyro control on PS4

    After playing for a while I think the best application for this is to have the gyro control the cursor so you can still control the camera with the right stick. Right now this is something you cannot do since the camera control is also the cursor control when engaged.
  3. UnlimitedTigers

    Gyro control on PS4

    The Dualshock 4 has a great gyroscope that is underutilized in most games. I think using the gyro to control at least the cursor in Astroneer would be a great feature. It’s a much faster and more accurate way to control the camera for aiming and cursor movement. It’s used in the system OS for typing on the keyboard and is also implemented in Paladins and Days Gone. There may be more games that I’m not aware of. Gyro on console should be the future for aiming. Edit: I’m brand new to the game. Just bought it last night.