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  1. Can confim that behaviour on tundra for me. Flatting tool cannot flatten some Terrain. There seems to be some kind of invisible Wall or collum where flatten is not possible and it does not go over. It "jumps" over that area and continous a bit next to it. Clicking directly on that spot with flatten activated let the cursor jump away to the already flattend area. Removing and Adding Terrain is not affected and work on the very same spot. Raising Terrain at that spot a bit and trying to flatten again brings again that error. Looks more like an invisible kind of wall. On terran no such problems
  2. This so called "odd" behaviour is the normal physically correct behaviour of different planets around one central star with different orbits and speeds. A spectator beeing not in the center but on one of the planets can observe this so called "Retrograde Motion". The planet doesnt change direction in real, it just looks like. Here the wikipedia for it: And here an explanation as video:
  3. Caravan - oh yeah - imagine - like in last man on mars - kind of self supporter truck with sustainment and recycling unit. Can be connected to a mission...
  4. Have to admid on EXOTIC the storm is enerving. Just out of curiosity I build a "stairway to heaven". I am almost in orbit and can see the whole planet in my view. But still there is the storm with brown squares killing you without cover - you dont see it coming because the visual cloud doenst even reach a quarter of my high - by the way you dont even need a hole, just some kind of "wall" in the direction of the storm to have enough protection - even more easy and quick to build. Suggestion: - A bit more time between storms at least on EXOTIC - Define a Storm ceiling, maybe just like the visible cloud of the storm (a bit higher than the highest mountains)
  5. My finding: Tether diesappears as long as the top left storage place in backback is occupied by other stuff (not the external place). When top left place is empty or there is a not already full stack of tethers, the tether you place into the backback will not disappear and added to that stockplace. So you always have to keep an eye on that stock-place. When tethers are full you have to move them away to emptry the slot again.
  6. No copper at the whole moon? Well a streamer had yesterday the problem getting lost on the planet. He didnt found home. He invited a friend as COOP player, landed at original space for building a spaceship, starting into orbit and guiding him home. Worked all fine but before the friend could start he found home. But still an idea for you. Invite somebody, this guy spawns/lands at your base, building another spaceship bringing you new jetgas. Dont forget to backup your savegames before (see forum how)
  7. Asked that question some days before... Search for your %localappdata%. Below that is a folder "Astro". (You can just paste %localappdata% into the "run" command (WIN+R). On a standard installation would that be c:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Astro Just copy the folder "Saved" below with all subfolders to a backup location. In case you want to restore, just delete the original "Saved" and replace with the backup. Works like a charm!
  8. That seems to be a general bug. As soon as you load a game, every so far undeployed habitat will be deployed. Special bad if you put it on your spaceship (see picture). That renders your vehicle bay, the spaceship and the habitat useless. I tried a bit around. As long as you do not stop/reload your game you can work with habitats, fly them to other planets and deploy them: But before exiting the current game all habitats has to be deployed, next start they will
  9. Now I came to a point in the game were it began to stutter unplayable too. I have a newly build computer which I didnt thought it should have any problems with any game: - Intel Core i7 6700K - Gigabyte Nvidia 1080Xtreme 8GB - 32GB GSKILL 3200 - Win 10 Pro 64Bit on Samsung SSD 960 Pro 256GB - Game partition on Samsung SSD EVO 850 1TB Very much better I think is not affordable at the moment, I love the system. Didnt found "any" game so far which cannot be run sopersmooth in HD with max details. Oh wait, Elder Scrolls Online...40FPS if set all to max...well programmes that crap I call it second-stuttering. Every second or so the picture freezes for a short enerving duration. It looks like the system is calculation something. The problem didnt exist from beginning. First all was supersmooth. It began suddenly after creating my second truck. I tested some things. I found out that the connection between my 4 vehicles was the final nail. When I disconnect the connection between the vehicles its getting suddenly better. Or when I drive away from the base its getting better too. Its not getting graduatly better. Either I have unplayable short freezes every second or the system runs smooth. Assuming it has something to do with the count of objects, connections and/or physic-calculations. From a point of building more and more objects something in some calculation or a memory area is exceeding a limit.
  10. Tipp: Almost evey platform/building has two connection nodes on each side. The storage you can build in the printer can be attached to these nodes, on every side one. That makes 16 slots for every building and 8 slots for nodes. Attaching the storage to the building unfolds it and it become plane (on nodes it stays folded). Detaching it will fold it again and looks like on the picture above. By the way on the picture above you can see two of these storages on the front vehicle. You can also put the storage on the ground. It gets automatically a black round standfood and will not blown away by storm. Even all attached goods stay always on their place, independend where you attache or detach. That way you can store different setups for you vehicle just on the ground next to your vehicle bay with all necessary stuff already attached. You can also attache the storage to the nodes. I made some pictures and attached. Hope that helps.
  11. Awesome! Thx for the work! Already printet out. Simple the overview is already a help.
  12. JonnyBGood


    so you didnt played much Survival/Exploring/Basebuilding/Ressource-gathering games before (just assuming)? Oxygene is unlimited as long as youre connected to your habitat or later to a vehicle or shuttle (the blue shiny line). Collecting ressources you can built and extend your autonomic oxygene time with extra tanks, filters etc. The blue glimming areas are oxygene. You can refill your oxygene with it. In the caves there is plenty of oxygene - you can walk there for (planet)hours. On the surface are - apart of the fields - sometimes rocks which have like blue light on them, you guess it. Later youre researchnig wiht a vehicle - with unlimited oxygene - that was the point were it got a bit... unrealistic. You can build tethered lines, kilometers of oxygene supply if you want. Didnt ran into limits so far. In fact I found the "survival" aspect not very demanding - didnt died for hours before a game-bug. The game-bug-danger was much more dangerous than the virtual environment. My suggestion would be that the oxygene of the habitat/vehicle is somewhat limited too, something like 5 or 7 planed days. Or different difficult settings..normal -> unlimited oxygene in habitat ... bring em on! -> limited oxygene even in habitat with option to build an oxygene generator later which unlimits the supply for the base...
  13. so bacically its like the lunar mobiles left on the moon in the last missions ... ;-)
  14. Thx a lot MadiraNofo! That will help and improve a lot! Will autmate that in the batch - first create the backup, then start the game. Icon from the original to the batch - et voila ;-)
  15. Hi guys, just ordered a new 21:9 Monitor with 2560x1080 - yeah. Will not come before christmas - not yea :-(. Now my question: Did anybody tested that resolution already? Or better that aspect ratio 21:9?