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  1. I like the concept. Not sure I agree with the rewards. I personally wouldn't want some of these as they are more like "cheats" than rewards. Again, in my opinion. If you have all the achievements, you could just turn on Creative mode and you'd have most of the rewards you are asking for, which in this regard makes the "extra incentive" not very incentive since you can just toggle an option to get the same rewards. But it would be nice to have something to work for after you complete the story and unlocked all the research. A way to dump the extra bytes would be great, for example. I'm sitting on 7 million bytes and I hope my game doesn't crash eventually because that value exceeds some bit limit.
  2. It could work like the Probe Scanner but have a tier 1 slot that detects the resource in that slot. I agree that using the soil centrifuge and trade platform are typically faster than going to mine given the travel time. This is increasingly so the longer you play and the resources near your base get depleted and have to travel farther.
  3. The new Tall Storage seems a bit lacking. Comparatively, the Tall Platform does the same job but better. I get that the Tall Storage is cheaper and can turn a 2 slot platform into a 3 slot platform, which can be useful early game. What would be great is some added functionality to the object. For example, maybe an interaction with the storage itself to turn off or on. What i would really like is for the single horizontal slot to work slightly different in that i could put an actual tether in the slot, allowing me to have a tether network suspended in the air, kind of like telephone poles. Right now if i attempt this, the tether converts to the bundle. I don't need the tether to supply power in anyway to the storage as that is what the base is for.
  4. I like the idea of the map but I wouldn't want it on the backpack. It would be cool if the map kind of worked like the map in the scanner room in Subnautica. As for beacons, it would be great if the nearest shelter, vehicle, beacon and your body, if one, show up on the compass. Maybe this feature only works within the area covered by the map satellite network.
  5. thanks. i searched before i posted and nothing came up. at any rate, it's still here in
  6. While attached to the backpack in a back slot or a top slot or the Terrain Tool slot, the power cell does not seem to be losing power, meaning the 8 mini nodes are not disappearing over time, nor is there a yellow bar moving across it's central bar. Additionally, the backpack's power is also not going down, and i'm not getting any plus signs or negative signs above it (as gotten when gaining or losing power, respectively). This was tested with a Boost mod attached to the Terrain Tool (top slot). Removing the power cell caused the backpack to begin draining energy. While connected to a powered tether line, the dashed yellow lines appear as if being provided power from the tether still (i assume because i draw power from the tether before power sources on my backpack) with the power cell attached.
  7. Expected: Shift + left click on nugget, it moves to an available socket on the Terrain Tool, if any. If no socket is available, it will move to an available socket on upper backpack (don't remember what they are called, there are 2 on the top of the backpack), if any. If no socket is available, it will move to the top most socket from left to right, if any. if no socket is available, nothing happens. Got: Shift + left click on nugget, it moves to an available socket on the Terrain Tool, if any. If no socket is available, it will move to an available socket on upper backpack (don't remember what they are called, there are 2 on the top of the backpack), if any. If no socket is available, it gives me a "Backpack full" error message.
  8. I have a tether that is just outside the airlock of the new habitat. when i enter the habitat, then leave, a 2nd tether line is created to the tether stick, showing 2 tether lines from the habitat to the same tether stick. When i enter again then leave, another is created. The new ones are kinda stacked on each other making the tether line look thick (see screenshot). During a storm, when the lines are fluttering about, you can see multiple. I am waiting for another storm to confirm max replications. Picking up the tether stick and replacing it clears the extra lines.
  9. I don't understand the need for random at all. I feel that random is only fun in 2 scenarios. First scenario is replay-ability. The randomness allows for different experiences. But for Astroneer, it's going to be more of a world building so you are less likely to restart the game as often. Second scenario is if the randomness happens a lot. Take Diablo style games where random chance infuses every aspect of the game. This is tolerable since there are a butt load of ways to trigger the random events. This doesn't happen in Astroneer, especially now, as the random chance only happens on the first opening of a given "chest" model. on top of that, each type of chest is randomly discovered so there is a chance your first 5 research chests are all the same model, leaving you with only one discovery for 5 chests of work. Even so, there should be a prereq for each blueprint. nothing sucks worse than discovering the spaceship, then hunting down research for 2 hours to find another chest for spaceship parts but when you open it, it's the space shuttle... 2 hours of gameplay with zero reward as you didn't gain any functionality. Granted, the other way is still true, but at least then the spaceship feels like an upgrade vs a waste of time. Side note: Why do they all say "Unknown". if they all say unknown, then the label is useless. Why doesn't it change to "Known" once you've used up the discovery use for a given model? I enjoyed the time it took to find research. it has indeed made me explore more. what i didn't enjoy was the reward for my efforts. If there has to be random, i would like the research finding to remain the same (as in you have to really look for them) but each chest has a chance to reward a discovery. In the blog post it was said that if Chest A rewards vehicle 5, then Chest B has a chance to reward vehicle 5 which would in turn just provide mats instead. So why not just do that instead of limiting this to only the first model. However, i feel like there is so much of the game yet to be made that this is probably not the thing to work on. What about biome based influence, meaning pyramid research chest only spawns in Biome A. or other game features that can easily play into the research system that hasn't been worked on yet. Make it so that each chest discovers new stuff and worry about the research progression closer to the end of alpha.
  10. On Experimental, i printed a 3 seat on the Spaceship via the VB that already had a storage. when all was said and done, the VB printer auto fed the remaining copper i had on the VB into the system and the I icon showed, as if i could build the seats again, despite the fact that there was no space left. i clicked anyway and the seat was printed inside the storage, merging the two. The storage still seemed usable. i had used the spaceship in flight to Barren and came back with just the storage and a removable 1 seat.
  11. Experimental version: I jumped straight to the experimental version so i don't have the issues with the printer and/or vehicle bay. I haven't played in a while since there wasn't much change happening, so this is how i felt about jumping back in, which may or may not be directly related to this update. Sandstorms felt very frequent. I love the idea but unfortunately if you are above ground, you are either hiding in a small hole or sitting in a seat or habitat... just waiting... i don't have any specific suggestions here but having to sit there and do nothing while the storm passes gets boring. It's fun to throw stuff off a mountain side and then see them fall, then bounce, then freeze in place as it leaves my sphere of influence. I feel that with enough practice i might be able to create explosion scenes or similar that look like time has stopped and i can rotate my cam like it's the Matrix. I really like the research changes. i don't feel like i've unlocked everything in an hour, there is a feeling of progression. I really dislike the random factor. With how long it takes to find research now, i feel like i would have a better time if i just deleted my game and started new if the first 3 research didn't give me what i wanted. Research is more work now so a better reward would be nice than something you don't care about at that point in time. If randomness is required, maybe allow us to influence the random. Say you make research chests have a type and all chests of type A result in a random blueprint from a small set list. Example, if i want to find power management blueprints, maybe those can only be found underground, or if i want vehicle blueprints, i have to look for research chests around space debris. I personally would prefer starting with power cells, then progressing to either small batter or small solar panel or small turbine or small generator (which can be random if it must) then progress to the medium versions of each and then i assume there may be large objects in the future which would be the final progression. I really like the idea of the augment tool. Opening up the possibilities for our only tool is exciting, i can't wait to see more augments. i also like that i can use the augment slots as extra backpack space if i don't have any augments or are not using any. Lastly, the Hydrazine. I just feel that aside from this being the only way to fuel space flight, it's a useless material. Yet there is a module dedicated to it's production. Maybe if you couldn't find Hydrazine and the only way to get it was the condenser. I don't really care about hydrazine being removed from trade platform, i just used copper and aluminum, which there are tons of in caves, to get what i need. So this is more about the fact that hydrazine is limited in usefulness than complaining that the game takes longer to play. You did say that things were ramp'ed up for speed to get more of the game tested so it should be expected for things to be slowed way down. Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  12. Or like a roller to flatten paths so you can make roads for the vehicles.
  13. copy is misleading. copy implies duplication. the flatten tool (as labeled by the devs) moves polygons (a "poly" is basically a triangle) adjacent to the polygon at the center of the highlighted area to match the orientation of the center polygon in an outwardly radiating procedure. "Flatten" is aptly used.