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  1. Ohhh.... Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Dear Support, Could you help me, please? After the new ASTRONEER update (1.10.9.) I can not lunch the game. Earlyer I played more than 100 hours whit this nootebook whitout any crashes and I really like this game. I attached the dxdiag txt. Problem discription: I lunched the game, the lunch screen appeared and after few seconds later the game closed itself whitout any error message or something. The other games in steam are working well. My steps was to solve the problem: I reinstalled the -Astroneer; -Steam; -Visual Studio C++ 2003- 2015; -DirectX; VGA driver (version: 445
  3. Dear All, I have the same lunch problem on WIN10 PRO N Version 1909. A few weaks ago everything was good, its woked. I have above the minimum system specs too and the CS GO is working fine. I reinstalled the game, the Visual studio C++ all types, DirectX and the NET Framework all types and also the steam whit REVO uninstaller. (This software is discover the root folders and delete it.) Has the problem been solved? Could you help me, please? Thanks,