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  1. Thank you! Sent this to my friend and he was able to figure it out. I guess he was confused as well because it cycles you through selecting a character again as though the attempted join timed out, but he just selected his character and clicked "Join Game" again as you noted with no issues. Thank you so much, pardon our ignorance...
  2. Had a multiplayer game and friend's game crashed while we were in orbit waiting to select a location to touch down on planet Atrox. We were in a large shuttle, I was the host and had one friend playing, I had the menu guide up at the moment his game crashed. He is now unable to rejoin our multiplayer game I am hosting. I waited in space in the shuttle, no luck. Landed, no luck. Tried a different planet and back to our home planet, Sylva, no luck on any. He just get stuck on a loading screen until it times out. Platform: Steam Version: 1.10.9